Pune's 12-Year-Old Could Undo The Damage We Have Caused To Oceans

Who could have thought that just watching a water flow into the sinkhole will help in changing the fate of the oceans? The article you are about to read is about one such prodigy, who came up with an ingenious way of ridding our seas and oceans from all kind of pollutants. We all are pretty aware of how important it is in the present world.


Haaziq Kazi is a shy 12-year-old student from Pune studying in Indus International School. This young boy has always been environmentally conscious and has made it a mission to clean up world oceans. But that's not what make this child a prodigy, this boy has designed a ship ERVIS that could help suck waste out of the surface of oceans.


"It started as a project in school when we were asked to do a talk on things we cared about," he said while talking to India Times. It was then he started watching documentaries on plastic and water pollution. During this time, he came across Dutch inventor Boyan Slat’s TED Talk on how he intended to tackle the ocean’s plastic problem and he was very inspired by it.


"Then one day when I was washing my hands, I noticed how water flowed into the sinkhole," Haaziq says. He noticed the swirl of the water vanishing into the drain that made him realize that he could use the same concept to suck the waste from the oceans.

"I figured I could create a ship, which can go and reverse the damage that we, as humans, have done. Hence the idea of ERVIS was born,” he said while talking to Better India

One-Stop Solution


ERVIS, a futuristic-ship with saucers attached is a solution to all ocean problem. It can...

1) Clean waste matter floating on the ocean surface,

2) Analyze the waste collected, and

3) Stop waste at source, prevent it from getting disposed by ships

How Does It Work?

According to rediff he has been working on creating a prototype of his dream project since 2016 for which he has even collaborated with few scientists, designers and 3D artists. The main cause of concern was how to make sure the ERVIS doesn't turn into a polluter too.


I was figuring out on what I wanted ERVIS to do, understanding the magnitude of the problem and how I don’t end up having ERVIS contribute to the problem that I am trying to solve. Did you know that one of the biggest contributors to the waste problems are ships, which are in the ocean? They use high sulphur fuel and dispose waste in oceans. I wanted ERVIS to address the problem by using cleaner fuels like hydrogen or RNG and do waste collection from ships in oceans- he said.

Keeping that in mind, ERVIS will run on cleaner fuels like solar, wind, RNG and hydrogen. But how does it work? To this Haaziq tries to explain it as simply as possible.

"Imagine, Ervis to be a gigantic vacuum cleaner with many cleaning tubes attached to many dust bags. Once the waste enters the chambers, Ervis analyzes, segregates and compacts it, and pumps the filtered water back into the ocean, without harming any marine life in the process- Haaziq to India Times.


An Innovator And An Environmental Crusader


Haaziq an admirer of Elon Musk will be seen talking at TEDxGateway December 2018 as a young innovator. We are not surprised because though being just a 12-year-old but he seems wiser beyond his age. While talking to India Times he said,

I believe ignorance is the biggest threat to our planet today," says Haaziq Kazi. "We live in a world where every single one of us is contributing towards the detriment of the planet. I feel if we are conscious and judicious in the choices we make, the earth will be a much better place for all of us to stay in and when I say all of us I don't mean just humans but animals, plants, water, air, the ecosystem which makes the wonderful planet we stay in," he explains, showing us a glimpse into the dreamy innocence of a 12-year-old, a change-maker wiser beyond his age.

Let's end the article about this remarkable little boy with his quote.

"There are two kinds of people in the world, the ones who create problems and the ones who solve them. My advice for wannabe innovators is to be in the latter category, and believe they have what it takes to solve the biggest of the problems which are out there"

Picture Source: India Times; MrRightServices 


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