47-Year-Old Woman Shows Strength To Get Hold Of Snatcher In Train And Gets Him Arrested!

Putting a brave self to the outside world is an important characteristic, especially for those who are in constant threat. Sadly, it is the women in India who have to often necessarily showcase a bold and strong side in public. The cases of molestation, assault and rapes are not declining and to tackle this, many schools are making karate and self-defence classes mandatory.

In a recent criminal case in Hooghly district of West Bengal, a snatcher was on his business looking out for vulnerable women who could be his easy victim. However, he got the shock of his life when the woman he tried to pounce on caught him and got him arrested.

A show of courage and strength 

47-year-old Sonu Sharma, who works as a cook at an eatery and in two flats in Salt Lake, was returning home to Uttarpara. She was traveling in a Bandel local and it was around 10:20 PM at night when the snatcher attacked her.

ndrrwfkitqqpgngcgrgpufanuysawceu.jpgSource - TOI

“I was seated near the window inside the ladies’ compartment. It was around 10.20pm. As the train pulled out of the platform and was still moving slowly, I noticed a man, in shorts and a t-shirt, board our ladies’ compartment. He suddenly brandished a knife at me and snatched my mobile. I immediately caught his left hand with my right hand. He slashed my left hand with the knife he had in his right hand. As I started bleeding and lost balance, he pulled my gold chain from my neck and tried cutting the strap of my hand bag. I fought back and held him by the neck, managing to resist him from stabbing me in the stomach. I then managed to snatch his knife away with my left hand, which he had slashed,” Sonu Sharma recalled the entire story as it happened in an interview with TOI.

Arresting the culprit 

The criminal was identified as Guddu Singh. The other passengers were alerted by Sonu’s screams and they got hold of the thief. One of them pulled the chain and the train stopped. Men from other compartments rushed out and severely beat Guddu. The arrival of the RPF jawans controlled the angry mob and Guddu was then handed over to the GRP. He is currently in the hospital.

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The SRP of Howrah said that they have arrested the culprit and spoken to the victim. They have started a case against him based on her statement. Eastern Railway CPRO said that a departmental inquiry has also been initiated.


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