IIT Kanpur Scientists And IIT Delhi Students Are Devising Ways To Use Artificial Rain In Delhi!

Post Diwali, Delhi has been suffering from drastic air pollution. It has become tough to survive and even breathe in the city. Due to the weather changes, population increase and multiple other factors, the air quality had already been on the decline and the pollution during the Diwali festivities had made it intolerable. In such times, innovative measures are required and students and faculty from two of the most prestigious institutes of the country – IIT Delhi and IIT Kanpur – have come up with solutions to our National capital’s problems.

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All set to use Artificial Rain 

The scientists at IIT Kanpur have decided to use artificial rain to mitigate the hazards of chronic air pollution. They have taken all the necessary measures and procured an aircraft from ISRO. They are only waiting for meteorological conditions to fall in place so that they can start their process. According to the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting (SAFAR) forecast, however, the Air Quality Index (AQI) was likely to remain in the 'very poor' category for next two or three days due to high relative humidity and low temperature.

"The technique has been tested before in Maharashtra as well as parts of Lucknow. However, this is the first time in India that artificial rain would be created over a big land mass to counter the damage done by air pollutants. It is easier to seed pre-monsoon and monsoon clouds and it may not be easy trying to seed clouds in winter that are not very moisture laden. However, once it is successfully done, we will evaluate its impact and take a call about whether a second attempt should be made or not," said Manindra Agarwal, Deputy Director IIT Kanpur, as per PTI.

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On the other hand, a group of students at IIT Delhi are working with weathermen to monitor the air conditions and make it favourable for rain.

The process of creating Artificial Rain

This process is achieved by cloud seeding and it involves different kinds of chemical agents with existing clouds to thicken them and increase rainfall chances. The chemical agents used are silver iodide, dry ice and common salt. Using an aircraft, the process can be carried out. Other countries like China, US, Israel, South Africa and Germany have used this technique successfully.

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The IIT Kanpur scientists want to use hygroscopic method in which salt is dispersed through flares or explosives in the lower parts of clouds. On combining, the salts grow in size.

It is the need of the hour to take some drastic measures in order to make Delhi liveable again. The efforts of the scientists and students should be appreciated. They are working in the right direction. With due support from government and after thorough research, this experiment will definitely live up to its potential.


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