Meet Yathish Chandra, The Singham Of Kerala

After finishing this article you might wonder if this was a deleted scene from Bajirao Singham, a bollywood blockbuster. But rest assured it is not. But what is common between that movie and this story is the fearless attitude of a cop, who does not even blink to catch the person who breaks the law. This police man from Kerala, with the heart of a lion didn’t twitch when it came to stop the junior finance minister when he was trying to take his private vehicle in a temple where it was not allowed. The covered footage showed him correcting him with zero fear.

Getting the picture

When Pon Radhakrishnan, junior finance minister of Kerala was trying to take his personal vehicle at Nikklal base camp near a temple, Thissur district SP, Yathish Chandra stopped him as no private vehicles were allowed inside. When the minister tried to cut his legs in front of media, his solid rebuttals made the minister retreat. On asking the minister if he was willing to take responsibility of the consequences of his actions, the minister backed off. Also there was a risk of landslides in that are due to recent foods which could jeopardize devotees lives.


(Yathish Chandra, the fearless man)

Yes! That is the point here. No one wants to take responsibility,” says Yathish in his counter statement.

It infuriated them

The minister with Pon Radhakrishnan very soon lost his temper and was seen shouting at him for his tone of speaking to which he calmly handled the situation and said that if he’ll allow every vehicle in, there will be a traffic jam and every one will suffer for no apparent reason but the ministers still seemed unconvinced.


(The argument between Pon Radhakrishnan and Yathish Chandra)

We are only doing our duty, without favouring or hurting any political party. Our aim is to make Sabarimala a peaceful space, a safe place for all devotees. We do not have any agenda,” says Yathish in a telephonic interview with livemint.

Fearless man in uniform

For him going on against high profile people to protect the law is not uncommon. Sometimes ago, he arrested BJP general secretary K Surendran and Hindu Aikya Vedi chief KP Sasikala. They were believed to have supported the protest over the entry of women when they tried to enter the shrine. He is an example for all the cops that with fearless attitude and devotion towards job one can serve the nation in ways one can’t imagine and also sent a message to those who are abusing power that he will not be tolerating it.

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