Cries For Help Led Rescuers Catch The Culprit

Tuesday evening was like any other evening, for the 28-year-old girl, who boarded an auto rickshaw in Saltlake, Kolkata to drop her home. So was the case with three friends, who were strolling around in New Town, not too far away from Saltlake, relaxing. Who would have thought these unrelated people would experience something together, that they might never be able to forget.

The ride was going smoothly for the girl until the horror striked when the driver side-tracked on the pretext of avoiding VIP Road congestion and took her to an dark and deserted place. The three friends- Ajay Naskar, Jalal Ali Mollah and Sabed Ali Mollah- who were walking around at that time, decided to stop by for tea at a tea stall, Ajay and Jalal are business partners, they runs a small construction supply material business and Sadeb is a vegetable-seller. Ajay, who wanted to relieve himself, walked towards the same place where the auto had just stopped.

I had walked down a few metres when I saw an auto travelling towards the fag-end of the field, an area completely dark and deserted. I found it suspicious. I was even more startled by what I thought was a cry for help from presumably a woman travelling in that auto. I came back to the tea stall and discussed it with my friends, said Ajay while talking to Times of India.


Ajay, who was a little suspicious by then, walked up to his friends and told them what he saw and heard. One of his friends dismissed the cry as that of a jackal, but Ajay wasn't satisfied. He felt the urge to check, so he forced his friends to accompany him.

On reaching the place, they could hear cries of a woman. But they were completely taken aback by what they saw upon reaching the auto, they saw the driver molesting a girl, who looked completely distraught. Without wasting any time they caught hold of the driver and warned him not to try to flee.

Driver kept insisting that they were just arguing over the "fare" but seeing the condition of the girl there wasn't any doubt left over what were his real intentions.


The girl was having difficulty in talking as she had earlier been mercilessly choked, yet she managed to narrate her ordeal. Soon realizing the seriousness of the situation the driver even told the three to “settle the matter amicably."

I told him we might be poor, but we respect the law. I called up the New Town police station and a sub-inspector, along with an ASI, arrived. The cops asked us to be witnesses, and we agreed. This is, after all, our responsibility, said Sabed to Times of India.

This may look like just another story of Samaritans saving a girl from rape. But if you look closely this story is about a lot of What Ifs. What if they chose to ignore the sound? What if they were like most of us and decided not to interfere? What if they were not there to save the girl? Who knows what might have happened, the girl could have been raped or worse killed.

We are just glad that they were there to help, we hope that more and more people become vigilant so that India never witnesses such crimes again.  

Picture Source: BaglegaIndia; Hindustan Times; The Hindu

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