The Tata Group: From Torchbearers To Trailblazers

Tata Group, India’s pioneer business group of is about to share the story of its inception in a manuscript which will be called, ‘The Tata Group: From torchbearers to trailblazers’. With this, Tata group will be sharing its journey from nothing to everything. It will cover the highs and the lows, the kick offs and the blows that Tata group went through to be where it stands gloriously today. It is also the story of efforts that JRD Tata put in to help Tata’s well known venture Air India to take off to new heights.

Birth of Air India

JRD Tata, father of Indian civil aviation was the legend behind the inception of Air India. This man was so dedicated to Air India that he never hesitated to offer his hands whenever required. He was highly meticulous and devoted towards Air India. He was so dedicated to make Air India the best that he himself jumped to help the crew even when it required him clean the dirty toilets. He customized every experience of Air India. Even the hairstyle and dress color of air hostesses was his choice after he minutely observed those details.


(JRD Tata)

From the inside decor to the color of the air hostess’ saris; from wordings on Air India hoardings to the availability of toilet paper in lavatories on-board, JRD set high benchmarks in hands-on leadership,” writes Shashank, the writer of manuscript.

Reasons behind it becoming a trailblazer

JRD Tata would take care of passengers even when he himself was travelling. Many a times, he traveled just to observe what could be improved or corrected. Even the level to which wine was served was taken care of by him. His pro active involvement insured Air India’s success for over 25 years. It also helped other airline companies facing loss to overcome by taking management lessons.


(Manuscript of the glorious empire)

In the 1950s, when British Airways introduced a jet service that cut a few hours off the trip, passengers still preferred to fly by Air India’s slower propeller-driven aircraft, simply because of the way they were pampered onboard,” writes Shashank.

The era of Tata

The book in itself is not a collection of pages but a story of an empire which needs to be heard. What it took over all these years to establish such a behemoth empire and keep it running till now is all covered with grace. It will also contain the insider information from all the 25 ventures that Tata holds. It will be launched in the next month and every eye will be able to witness the drudgery of Tata to reach to the top. 

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