Made In India, This Robot Can Pull Off 25 Expressions And Maybe Do Them Better Than Us

From the first time, you saw a machine washing your dirty laundry or getting you your toast perfectly ‘toasted’, we’ve trusted technology more than we tend to admit. They dry our hair, make us coffee, and should also be credited for literally all the entertainment in our lives. We may not acknowledge it enough because we couldn’t put a face to the mechanic and electronic structure, but guess what, now we can. In the robotic training center of Tamil Naidu's , they have invented a robotic wonder which can intimate 25-human expressions. The fascinating feature of this odd but inventive creation that even a 10-year-old can assemble this piece of tech. 

, a light-weight robot that can be placed on a table and operated with ease even by youngsters is more than an amusement toy. The codes crafted in the technology can produce multiple expressions, which can be used to teach children a new thing every day. 



The founder and CEO of RoboChakra, Arun Rajeev which can wink and blink smooth like us humans have been built for children but they are trying to use it for more purposes than just entertainment. "We have come up with this concept of Amingo, which is an expression robot. The best part of this robot is that even a 10-year old child can assemble an Amingo and then he can add code to add expressions to it. The robot will help a child to learn something new every day," Rajeev said.

If we define the current purpose that technology is serving us, it is bringing the world to us. Ask anyone around you their opinion on the future of technology and a whopping majority wouldn’t spare a second before they start criticizing it. But with advancements like these, technology won’t change our lives, it will expand it for better.

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