World Diabetes Day: Mumbai Will Soon Have Specialized Unit To Treat Diabetes

India’s economic development has brought higher incomes leading to a rise in living standards, making Diabetes the country’s fastest growing disease.  The state that's most affected is Maharashtra. According to study conducted by SRL Diagnostics, Maharashtra leads with the most number of diabetics in India.

Diabetes is a condition caused by the body’s inability to regulate insulin levels, which can lead to tissue damage and organ failure. Dr. Parvin Shingare- Maharashtra’s medical education and research director, keeping the growing cases of Diabetes in mind, has finally decided to start a full-fledged diabetes unit in one of the Mumbai based medical college. This unit will treat diabetics and its associated diseases and will cater to Mumbai locals as well as patients from villages and tribal areas. This decision has been taken on World Diabetes Day i.e. November 14th.

Given the rise in cases of diabetes overall and diabetes type 2 in adults, the ministry has decided to start a full-fledged unit in one of the medical colleges either in Mumbai or Pune. We have started specialised units in two cities - a geriatric unit at the Aurangabad medical college; and a cancer unit at the Nagpur medical college. Now after working closely in the field of diabetes in association with private doctors and conducting ‘maha’ camps across the state to detect and pick up diabetes early in the population, we found out that this disease has not remained an urban disorder, but it has reached the tribal belt also. We have found many new diabetics not only in villages, but also tribal areas. Looking at the spread of the disease we decided to come up with a unit dedicated to diabetes - Dr. Shingare to Hindustan Times


Dr. Jayshree Todkar, founder of JT Foundation at Todkar Clinic, feels that it's a step in the right direction. Since last couple of years they had been conducting a 'diabesity (obesity plus diabetes) camp in association with medical education ministry in every district. Almost 200 people attend the camp out of which 60 to 70 percent are newly detected Diabetics and all because of lifestyle disorder.

Pune city is witnessing a lot of events in order to educate people about Diabetics and how lifestyle plays an important role, like:-

1. No sugar day on November 26

Dr Shashank Shah, founder, laparo obeso centre and president of the all-India association for advancing research in obesity (AAIRO) came up with the idea of No Sugar Day, to spread awareness about this deadly disease and the urgency of lifestyle changes.This is the first time Pune will observe a ‘no sugar day’


In India the number of diabetics is estimated to be 31,705,000 ,which is set to rise by 100 per cent by 2030. Diabetes has become a direct threat to the lifestyle and also to the health of the population. Hence, to remind people about their lifestyle changes, we are going to hold a ‘no sugar day’ on November 26 at the Balgandharva Rang Mandir. This will allow people to change their diet or alter their lifestyle to prevent themselves from this paralysing disease.

Children who are obese today are all set to become diabetics in the next 25 years and hence, as a preventive measure, parents need to not only get early detection for these children, but should also watch the weight of their kids- Dr Shah said while talking to HT.


2. Free Health Check

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, the Hirabai Cowasji Jehangir medical research institute had organised a free health check-up for PMPML employees at Swargate and Katraj bus depot, in order to create awareness.

3. Fashion Show 

A fashion event is also organised by Noble Hospital on December 8 at Laxmi lawns with models and actors like Lisa Ray and Aditi Govitrikar as chief guests. In this event diabetic patients- children and adults both, will walk the ramp.

Picture Source: WebMD; TopHealthJournal;; InLifeHealthCare


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