Constables Who Saved A Dying Man, Became Viral Sensation After VVS Laxman's Tweet

Recently, VVS Laxman’s tweet about two police constables went viral and the whole nation commended their humanitarian act. They truly deserve it for what they did to save a middle aged man from dying when he was just an inch away from it. He appreciated their selfless act and showed his gratitude to them by sharing their video and bringing them into light to let people sing the unsung. 

Act of humanity

The shared video was of two Constables, L Chandan and Inayathulla from Bahadurpura, Telangana in which they were saving the life of a man who went into a seizure due to heart attack and fell unconscious. These constables immediately provided him CPR on the spot as any delay could have cost him his life. They revived him with whole crowd watching their efforts. 


Presence of mind and humanity. May all be blessed with it. Constables K Chandan & Inayathulla from Bahadurpura, Traffic PS, saved the life of a heart attack patient in Hyderabad, by providing CPR. The desire to truly serve others is one of the greatest attributes of a human. Salute,” tweets VVS Laxman.

Blessings of The nation

A lot of people tweeted about these constables after reaching VVS Laxman’s tweet and they also showed love and support to these heroes in the form of tweets. Their witty action saved a life otherwise something wrong could have happened. Their selfless act changed the fate of a dying person. It also showed how important it is to learn basic medical procedures such as CPR which can be a lifeline to someone. This is a very much needed skill because an incident like heart attack requires a quick and effective response in order to save a person’s life. Lucky was the man that his saviors could pull it off.


(For full video click here)

Making world a better place to live

It is people like K Chandan and Inayathulla who restore our faith in humanity. They are also an inspiration to every person in the world who wishes to do good to others without expecting anything in return because your one selfless act could mean world to someone else. The world could use a lot more people life K Chandan and Inayathulla, who are honest and dedicated towards their job.

Excellent - Great to See this - Timely step taken by them to save a precious life. Both the Police Personnal Shri K Chandan & Shri Inayathulla should be rewarded and appreciated for their noble act,” tweeted another admirer.

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