Clean Toilets, Library And A Garden: A Headmaster's Gifts For His Students

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader- President John Quincy Adams, USA.

Hygiene and Sanitation has always been a major concern in government schools in India. Most children in these schools do not have access to toilets, clean drinking water and the basic minimum infrastructure. Schools that have toilets, keeping them clean have been a challenging task. It's not surprising because these schools that have dire shortage of teaching staff, one could easily imagine the number of non-teaching staff must be non-existent. But a Karnataka Headmaster proved that things can improve if one chose to work towards it, diligently and earnestly.

Meet B Mahadeshwara Swamy, the Headmaster of the Government Primary School in Hongahalli, Karnataka. Believe it or not, this astonishing man starts his day by scrubbing toilets. Moreover, it's not a recently acquired habit, he has been doing this since 1988.


It all started when he joined a tribal school which was started by Dr H Sudarshan, a social worker and tribal rights activist, in the Biligirirangana Hills in 1988. Surprisingly, on the very first day of joining school, he started cleaning toilets and he has kept this practice to this day.

I worked there for over eight years. That stint taught me the importance of personal hygiene and social service. In 1994, I joined government service and continued the same approach. It is our duty to clean the places we use. Clean toilets are essential for a healthy life. So, I am continuing this exercise wherever I go- Mahadeshwara told the Time of India  

He not only stresses on personal hygiene and cleanliness, he also places equal importance to reading and nature in the lives of children, using his own savings he developed a library for his students and even curated a garden. Maybe that's why, where the dropout rates are increasing in most government schools, this school has only seen increase in numbers. Currently, this small school accommodates 121 students.


Residents of the area who are in awe of him says he starts his day by cleaning the school toilets, followed by maintaining the garden and cleaning the classrooms also.

What makes him special is he ensures that every student takes care of personal hygiene. He also makes every child a part of learning activities, sports, and games. Parents are pleased and are sending their children to school regularly.

People like Mahadeshwara Swamy are a fine example of how one has to do what one has to no matter how big or small; to acquire what one wants to.

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Picture Source: Times Of India, The Better India, Mirror Now

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