Agony Of Losing Friend Turned Him Into A Savior

It was February of 1991; his friend had a terrible road accident while he was returning home and was lying unconscious on the road in his own pool of blood. He went out in search of him. For two hours, the accident victim struggled for his life but no one showed up for help. He took his last breath into his friend’s arms. The agony of losing a childhood friend shook him to the core but also gave him the reason to be the savior he never knew he was.

The moment that changed everything

Manoj Singh Chauhan’s best friend Pramod was returning to Jankipuram, Lucknow at 10:00 pm when an unknown vehicle hit him and escaped. He was bleeding badly and needed immediate help. No one came forward to help him and he struggled for nearly two hours. When worried Manoj went out to find him, he was lying unconscious, covered in his own blood. Due to excessive blood loss, he couldn’t make it and died in Manoj’s arms. This agony led him to take an oath to help every injured person he’ll ever come across in his life and facilitate them with resource as much as possible just to lower his pain.


He opened his eyes twice during those two hours but couldn’t speak due to excess loss of blood. Even post mortem report confirms excess loss of blood,” says Manoj.

27 years of life saving

Since 1991, he submerged himself into this work and saved 60 people in that duration. He sees his best friend in very accident victim and tries to save him in them. He runs his own coaching classes as well in Indiranagar, Lucknow where he teaches the same value to his students and help them in understanding the value of helping others. Many students have also joined his cause to serve the society. 


(Manoj Singh Chauhan)

Although I couldn’t save my best friend, yet by saving others I relive myself from the agony of losing him,” says Manoj.

Urging the society

Manoj not just helps people but also urges them to help other when in need so that no one should lose their life in the circumstances as his friend did. His efforts have already saved 60 lives and will save more. The people he has helped come to meet him after revival and that is his revival moment. For the people he help, he is a savior but he is just a man trying to lower his pain by justifying humanity.

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