This 16-Year-Old Girl From Pune Is A Free Diving Wonder Women

Some of us don a starched shirt for the office, while others like to freelance their way to success with adjectives like passion and zeal. Then there is freediver Khushi Parmar. Her professional outfit ranges from bathing suits to wetsuits. Looking deep down in the ocean inspires her more than staring high up the sky. It’s her home. She thrives in the water, breaths with the blue-living and most of all, the 16-year-old added the pro in her profession by becoming the youngest freediver to get certified. 

Ranging from recreation to competition, the popularised sport of freediving can literally be breathtaking. In this oceanic challenge, people swim underwater by holding their breath without any oxygen support or apparatus. When Khushi was 5-years-old, her infatuation with the swimming pool was the first step of her fast-flourishing career. 



Recently certified from Scuba Schools International (SSI) — one of the world’s most prestigious free diving certification tools, her list of achievements is impressive. Learning the ropes from the legends themselves, Khushi trained under Mario Fernandes of Calangute, the first SSI level-2 free-diving instructor in India, and Neil Francis, SSI’s regional director for India. “We are very proud of Khushi. She is a bright, ambitious young woman and a wonderful role model for scuba divers, freedivers and swimmers in India. We hope to see more great achievements from her and look forward to her breaking new records by becoming India’s youngest SSI scuba instructor when she turns 18 in May 2020,” said Francis.

At the age of 14, she earned a doctorate from the UK-based World Records University (WRU) for an exception winning of seven records in swimming, scuba diving, and aerobics. She also bagged a gold medal in the 100m at National Underwater Federation Cup 2018 in the under-17 category.



When asked her about her future plans, she reflected her teacher’s morals and said: “I want to become a scuba diving instructor in the future.” For now, she will continue her education alongside her scuba diving training before she could come to age and learn from the Venkat Charloo of Goa-based Barracuda Diving — one of India’s oldest scuba diving institutes. 

Most of us can admit to the fact that this sport might not be a heated ‘trend’ in India, nor gained the spotlight it deserves. But the sparkling interest of coming youth is bringing this sport the highlight it owns and with passionate stars like Khushi will bring this rising sport a respected platform in our nation.


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