This Lady Has Created A Successful Saree Business Using WhatsApp!

One of the most important learning in life is that everything that comes has its pros and cons. After a certain point of time, it is totally up to us how we mould our situations and take life in a positive or negative direction. The latest transformation that completely changed the way we live our life are the smartphones. With smartphones, came social media which, as we all know, have now become the most important part of our daily schedule. Few people have also realised the networking potential of social media and leveraged it to become an entrepreneur.

Chennai based Shanmuga Priya spotted this potential and started using WhatsApp to sell sarees. In three years, her company, Unique Threads has sold sarees worth 400,000$ and now is a successful business! She is an inspiration to many women who have also become resellers under her.  

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The early days of Unique Thread 

Priya’s mother-in-law used to sell sarees door-to-door. She was Priya’s inspiration but she passed away when Priya’s son was only three months away. She had to quit her job and slowly, her family felt the need to generate some extra income. That is when Priya thought of continuing her mother-in-law’s work and bought a bag of sarees to sell. As with any business, the initial response was low and people used to ask her why she is doing this work.

Initially, only family and friends used to buy sarees from her on WhatsApp. But slowly, she started creating a loyal customer base who spread the word. She did not even know that women had started buying sarees from her and selling it themselves.

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"I started with family and friends’ group, gradually by word of mouth I started getting more queries. So, I started a Facebook page for WhatsApp saree sellers. It caught on and today it has more than 70,000 plus sellers," says Priya in an interview with YourStory.

Becoming a successful and highly profitable business!

The trick for Priya was to just keep going and keep putting in the efforts. Unique Thread’s business took off in some style and now, she sells 50-80 sarees in a single day. She has developed a business acumen and knows what sells best in a specific time period. She is also managing the operations of her business venture on her own.

She manages 11 WhatsApp groups, few Telegram groups and her Facebook page. The first floor of her house has been converted into a godown. She has signed up with different courier companies for timely delivery. Priya had a first movers’ advantage in the market and she had maintained her sales by becoming the quality leader. She makes friendly relations with the customers and supports the resellers too.

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“Sometimes they are not able to pay till they get the money from the customer so I give them that flexibility and that helps me kill the competition because people come back to me and appreciate the gesture,” says Priya.

Shanmuga Priya is an ideal example of how to avoid the trappings of social media and using its positives for your benefit.  

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