"I Am A Chaiwala But That Day My Kids Looked At Me Like I Was Their Hero"

Every father has a dream to make his child feel happy and special. No matter what a person’s social strata is, they pour their heart out for their children. For this local ‘chaiwala’ of Mumbai, a hard day’s work meant fulfilled stomach of his family and a day with more than usual sale meant future savings. But on one fine day his stars shined brighter, he earned a lot more than usual but he didn’t save it, instead he did a gesture for his family that made him a hero for his kids.

Investment for smiles

When Humans of Bombay asked a local chaiwala about the happiest moment of his life, the answer was as simple as it could be but put the listeners in tears of joy. He shared how he took his family to McDonald’s for a meal and earned their priceless smiles. This happened after a function had ended at a hotel next to which he was selling tea, the guests demanded tea and he got a bulk order. 


"There was some event happening at a big hotel nearby. And after lunch everyone wanted chai. That day I made more money than I make in a month," says the chaiwala.

It gave him an opportunity to earn a lot more than he had ever earned before. For a person of his financial strata, one would have saved it but this chaiwala decided to invest it into his family’s happiness.He bought his children their own happy meal with toys inside. The look on his kids faces made him the richest man on earth for that moment. 

I took my wife and kids to McDonald's for the first time and bought the kids their own burgers with the toys in it. My kids looked at me like I was their hero! That’s the happiest day of my life," says the chaiwala.


(A happy meal)

Live for little things

His story makes us realize what we truly need to admire in life. It is not in the materialistic things but true happiness lies within the little things. They teach us to live life to the fullest and not just keep running for money. It may give us temporary pleasure but peace resides with the moments we share with our family and make new memories. His story taught us the value of living in present rather than worrying about future because once time is passed all we are left with is regret that things could have been better.

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