What Is Old Age? This Lady Has Become A Successful Entrepreneur At The Age Of 89!

One might think that what can a person do at the age of 89 apart from rest and wait for his/her death? There is no physical strength left, the body starts slowing down and immunity to diseases start failing. 89-year-old Latika Chakravorty is defying all these myths around old age. She has shown that if there is a strong will power to achieve something, everything else will automatically follow. At this age, she has started an online business to sell potli bags, which are decorated drawstring pouches. The business is named Latika’s Bags.

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Converting hobby into business idea

Latika says that she never liked wasting things. Born in Assam, she got married to a man who was the Officer Surveyor in Survey of India and had a transferable job. She had a hobby to collect beautiful sarees and fabrics from all across the country. Later on, she would keep these sarees instead of throwing them and recycle it to make dresses, sweaters, dolls and potli bags.

She used to do knitting, stitching and sewing since her younger days. In those days, it was common for mothers to take pride in making their kids wear home-made dresses. When Latika’s children grew up, she started making dolls. Her bad-making started about 4-5 years back when her daughter-in-law asked her to make a potli bag which would match with her suit. That’s when Latika realised that she has a natural talent for making bags.

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From then on, she started knitting more bags and her friends and family started noticing them. She started gifting those bags on birthdays and other occasions. Her grandson Joy has returned from Germany and he noticed his grandma knitting these beautiful bags. He had the idea of giving her an online presence and created a website for her. Her family then started spreading the word through social media.

Today, it has become a family business as her son handles the business part and her daughter-in-law helps her in creating these bags.

Born out of special love for old dresses 

“When I look at an old dress, I imagine the glory it once had. Maybe it was worn for a wedding or at a festival. The creation that I make ultimately reflects the stories of its past. Each bag has a unique story. When I create a potli from a dress I like to think I have given it a new life and now it will have its own stories in its new avatar,” says Latika, in an interview with Indian Women Blog.

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She says that those old sarees are close to her heart not because of their beauty, but because of the memories attached with them. Despite having a successful business, she still maintains that she is just doing it for her own pleasure and not to make money. She doesn’t work on deadlines. Whenever she has conceptualised the product, she works on it.

Latika has a lot of love for every object that has some story attached to it. She still uses the sewing machine that was presented to her by her husband Shri Krishna Lal Chakravorty.

“It is 64 yet runs perfectly because I have maintained it with all my heart. I lost my husband 38 years ago. Every single day that I look at my machine I am reminded of him,” says Latika.

Latika is defying all stereotypes and doing what she wants to do. What is your excuse?

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