Weary Of Drug Addicts Menace And Police's Cold Shoulder, What These Mumbai Residents Did Would Amaze You

Let's face it, drug addiction is India's most growing concern. While most of India knows Punjab as the hub of drug abuse, with almost 75 per cent of its youth addicted. Mumbai too seems to be following its footsteps. If not controlled in time Mumbai very soon will join the list too. What worrying is that when it comes to drug addiction in Mumbai, mostly residential areas like Worli, Malad, Jogeshwari, Wadala, Kurla, Chembur, Sewri, Dongri and Govandi are slowly becoming a hub for drug peddlers.

In these areas drugs have become easily accessible, with paan shops and local kirana stores supplying them to young unsuspecting minds. In most cases, the police are aware of it, yet they chose to turn a blind eye to things. In such circumstances the only thing to do is to join hands and keep a watch on activities going around the neighbourhood, just like Pydhonie residents.

Drug Menace in Pydhonie

As per the news published in Mumbai Mirror, Pydhonie, since last 5 years have been witnessing a drastic rise in crime rates and unabashed sell and use of drugs in public view and that too in broad day light. It is only natural to draw a parallel between the two. The fear of this leading to serious crimes and the effect it’s going to have on the younger generation, forced the residents to head to the police, which is not too far away from the drug hotspots. But still nothing came out of it. According to the locals, there is a nexus between the police and drug peddlers, who without any fear of being caught operate in broad daylight.


The seriousness of the situation became more apparent when on Nov. 1st an alleged drug addict jumped off the JJ Flyover, fracturing a hand and a leg.

Residents Campaign

Police failure to do anything forced the residents to take matters in their own hand. With the help of Abdul Razzak Maniyar - founder of an NGO that has been fighting drug menace in Pydhonie -- the residents rallied forces and launched a campaign.

They shot videos and took photographs of drug abusers, and on November 15th sent the proof to Additional Commissioner of Police (South) Pravin Kumar Padwal, along with a letter. In the letter they alleged that there was corruption among the police ranks.

We do not trust the senior inspector of Pydhonie (Avinash Kanade), and hence, we have named the campaign ‘Senior Inspector Hatao, Pydhonie Bachao’.

Police Action

On that same day, the police cracked down on spots near the police chowky. In the following days they arrested around 50 alleged drug addicts, one of them was even carrying some narcotics substances. So far a total of 25 FIRs have been registered.

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But the residents want the police to be held responsible for the menace, as they chose to sit on the complaints and turn a blind eye to their problems. They also plan to carry out a morcha on Wednesday, demanding the ouster of a senior police officer, Avinash Kanade.

As per Inspector Avinash they have been taking action against drug peddlers and abusers. In last one year, according to him, they have registered 150 cases for drug consumption.

A Police sources while talking to Mumbai Mirror claimed that Maniyar has ulterior motives behind targeting the police.

A case was recently registered against his son for allegedly molesting and assaulting a woman. He launched his campaign in retaliation after we refused to drop the charges.

Residents of Pydhonie hope that with the ouster of the Police officer and regular checks by the police, Pydhonie will again become a safe locality to live in. They, with their campaign, proved a community can easily battle an epidemic like drugs, if only they chose to work together.

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Picture Source: Mumbai Mirror; India Times


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