Miraculous Intervention By Three Heroes Saved 25 Toddlers From Fire

It was a usual day at a playschool in Adilabad, Telangana. The toddlers were into their daily stuff until a fire broke out and they got trapped inside. The rescue seemed difficult because a single wrong move could have resulted into several toddlers lives. The ambulance was late by 30 minutes and the odds didn’t seem favorable. But with these two heroes passing by and a teacher of that same playschool, nothing could harm the toddlers as they intervened just on time and saved all the innocent lives.

Smoke signaled the heroes

When the fire broke out, no one knew about it until the classroom with nearly 20 students in it got filled with smoke. Hopefully, a police constable B. David Raj from Adilabad armed reserve and T. Kiran, coach of Nalgonda hockey team, who were passing nearby saw the smoke and jumped into rescue of the students. These two heroes, in collective efforts with the third one, Rubina Firdoss who is also a teacher at playschool, escorted every student out of the class and then evacuated the whole building. B. David is also a well known hockey player. T. Kiran, the coach was in town for a hockey tournament.  They turned every odd in their favor. Even the ambulance couldn’t make it until 30 minutes after the fire broke out. 


(The heroes who risked their lives)

It could have been a short circuit

The reason for the break out is still grey, but it is assumed that it could have been a short circuit in the cooler that triggered it and it advanced by catching the furniture. The parents were at relief after watching their children safe but were skeptical about the late arrival of fire brigade which was only 200 meter away from playschool. In response to it, officer in charge, N.R Kantha Rao said that the entire crew and one fire tender were nearly a kilometer away in a program demonstrating how to fight fire in an educational institution.


But we rushed to the spot on getting information,” said N.R Kantha Rao to 'The Hindu'.

25 lives saved, many more thankful

All 25 toddlers were saved only because of the miraculous intervention by these three heroes. Although the reason for the delay in fire brigade’s arrival question its effectiveness, but it can be a complete coincidence as well. Yet the department should be more alert about such incidents because they don’t give prior signals before happening and can cost lives as well. These kids were lucky to have such fearless heroes around.

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