Someone Threw A Bomb Next To 11-Yr-Old & What She Did Next Will Fill You With Awe

The most basic instinct in any living being is to cling on to life even when the chances of survival look bleak and death stares them in the eye. Every person who has died of drowning has fought for life long after their lungs gave out and their arms were too tired to flap. But would you fight with same fervour to save someone else's life? Well, most of us might not and that is the truth. So when an 11-year-old girl from Manipur risked getting blown up into pieces for saving lives of eight people, it needs a special mention.

Little Maibam Prity Devi sprung from her chair when she heard her mother suddenly scream on a lazy day in Mayang, Manipur. "Bomb, bomb! Run." It took her a few seconds to realize that a grenade had landed inside their small shop and was sitting right next to LPG cylinder waiting to explode. This grenade was powerful enough to not just reduce their shop, family's only source of income, to rubble but also kill Prity's parents and other people who were inside or around the shop.

Bomb in tiny hands

Prity's father was lying down in a corner and was clueless about what had happened but our brave little girl acted the very next moment, picked up the grenade lying next to the LPG cylinder and threw it outside the window.


The then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh recognizing Prity for her outstanding display of bravery.

“Just after she realized danger, she threw away the grenade and few seconds later, it exploded. She was hit by splinters,” her father Sarat Singh said in an interview. He had started this shop after retiring from Central Reserve Police Force and it was the family's only source of income. Eight people, including Prity, suffered minor injuries caused by splinters but managed to save several lives. Apart from quick wit, the act was also a display of immense courage and selflessness on the STD 5 student.

Beginning of a dream

This act of bravery was recognized by the Government of India and she was chosen to receive the prestigious National Bravery Award in the year 2010 by the then President and Prime Minister on Republic Day along with 21 other children.

Shocked by this terrorizing episode and frustrated over repeated extortion demands from the militant groups, Sarat Singh shut his shop and opened a taxi service. But little Prity was not bogged down by circumstance and instead started nurturing bigger dreams. ”I want to be a police officer later. There are many problems in Manipur, and I want to be a part of the system to control violence," Prity told ANI.

tx5hcc2gf5qfmt5crxhal8uzj3bfbcfq.jpgA portrait of Prity by contemporary artist Lien Truong. 

The whole episode that day unfolded in less than half a minute and in those few seconds Prity set a high example of values that should guide each one of us - courage and selflessness. She risked her own life and suffered injuries but managed to save several others with her act. 


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