Called As Chief Guest, This Dynamic IPS Officer Ran 16 Km To Venue

Red light and siren on top, traffic routes cleared and a trail of vehicles filled with police officers for protection. These are the signs that some hot shot government official is on their way to somewhere. But when this IPS officer from Telangana was invited at a social affair, his choice of vehicle broke the entire stereotype about government officials and also inspired a lot of people to live a healthy lifestyle. 

By foot to function

Rajeev Trivedi, an IPS officer and Principal Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Telangana was invited by Suchitra academy in Medchal on November 16, 2018, to attend their sports day event as a chief guest. The distance from his work place to the academy was 16 kms. For any average person, this distance needed a vehicle to be covered but Rajeev chose to cover it by foot. Attired in a yellow T-shirt, blue lower and black sunglass, he reached his destination with swag. He was spotted running followed by his junior officers. He started nearly a couple of hours before the event from secretariat and made it on time. He did it for his love for fitness.


(IPS Rajeev Trivedi running to his destination)

Not a one-time thing

It was not a one-time thing, but he has traveled to many such events by foot and is highly admired for his enthusiasm. It’s his passion and devotion towards a healthy lifestyle that keeps him motivated towards physical activities. He is also an excellent swimmer and does cycling on a regular basis. His way of living has inspires a lot of people to pursue a healthy lifestyle for a healthier future. Training on a regular helps him to stay fit and motivate other to choose a divine way of living.


(Inspiring millions)

A message of fitness to everyone

He is an inspiration to the people who want to live a healthy lifestyle, especially in urban areas where the hectic routine of people has made it tough to maintain a proper routine. The working people can travel to their workplaces by foot or on a cycle. It can help them stay fit and can also help in reducing pollution if a large number adopt this lifestyle. Physical fitness also ensures a calm and peaceful mind that affects our day to day life because physical fitness is not only the key to a healthy body but it is also the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity that makes a person whole.

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