This Doctor From Varanasi Does Not Charge A Single Penny When A Girl Child Is Born!

Despite a lot of steps being taken to raise awareness and educate people about valuing girls equal to boys, in many parts of the country, there is still a stigma attached to the girl child. Parents want and often pray that they give birth to a son. Things get uglier when the girl child is killed inside the womb itself. The doctors also have to take this responsibility of educating the parents about how wrong such practices are.

In recent times, there has been a wonderful initiative that the doctors are taking. There have been few doctors who have decided that they will not charge any fees if a girl child is born. In Varanasi, Dr. Shipra Dhar has joined this movement and not only does she not charge any fees, she even distributes sweets in her nursing home to celebrate the occasion.

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The need to change the conservative mindset of people

Dr. Shipra Dhar has started a revolution to change the conservative mindset of the people. When a doctor speaks, people listen. Dr. Shipra did her MBBS from BHU and then completed her MD. She runs her own nursing home in Varanasi.

“There is still negativity around girl child in the minds of people. I have come across many instances where people just ask me to kill the foetus itself. The foetus is then just thrown away. On most occasions, people do this only because they are scared of telling their relatives that it is a girl child. Sadness comes on their face when they hear this news. Many times, they also say that they are too poor to raise a girl. I want to bring a change in this mindset,” says Dr. Shipra, in an interview with Navbharat Times.

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 A movement against Female Foeticide 

So far, Dr. Shipra Dhar has successfully carried out the delivery of almost 100 girl children. She doesn’t charge the fees even for the bed, and in case an operation has to be done, then even that is completely free. It takes a lot of courage to act on the greater good and bringing a change in the society.

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Dr. Dhar’s efforts have also been appreciated by Prime Minister Modi. He met her in May when he had gone to Varanasi for a visit. He then announced in his speech that doctors should start an initiative that on 9th of every month, no fees should be charged for the birth of a girl child. This is another step towards his beti padhao, beti bachao movement.

Dr. Shipra Dhar is an inspiration for all of us. Her dedication towards saving girl child should be applauded and we hope that she keeps bringing this important change in the mindset of the people.

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