The 70-Years-Old Farmer Who Made It To The Limca Book Of World Records

Farmers have been the backbone of our nation who work hard every day so that the people get a healthy meal. More than 118 million people are involved in farming which constitute over 30 percent of Indian population. They are the heroes everyone should be proud of. This pride was doubled by a farmer from Rajasthan whose behemoth cauliflower outgrew all the countries harvest in size and quality and put his name in the Limca book of world records. 

Farmed with love

Jagdish Prasad Pareek (70), hailing from Sikar, Rajasthan cultivated a cauliflower weighing 25.5 kgs that put his name in Limca book of world records. He created this variety of cauliflower himself and named it 'Ajitgarh selection' after his village, Ajitgarh. All because of his love and passion for farming and a desire to be enlisted in Guinness book of world records. He was only short by two kgs from getting into Guinness. The journey of this record holding cauliflower started in 1970, when he started farming on a land inherited to him by his ancestors.


(Jagdish with his record holding cauliflower)

He didn’t cultivate cauliflower for first 20 years

In 1970, when Jagdish got hold of the land, he started cultivating pomegranate, lemon and roses. He was so dedicated to farming that he created manures and seeds on his own. He sowed cauliflower for the first time in 1990 and they bloomed so well and healthy that he was awarded with the Grassroots innovation award in 2001. Because his method of growing cauliflower was unique and authentic, he was given the intellectual property right for this variety of cauliflower. Ajitgarh selection has the potential to grow in hot weather conditions as well. It can be grown thee time in a year and is resilient to most diseases and pests. It is highly demanded in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Previous year he sold over one quintal seeds.


(Ajitgarh selection)

Proud of our nation

For his distinguished quality of product, Jagdish is trying to get a patent. The Indian agricultural research center has affirmed it to be better than eight other varieties. Jagdish has also presented his cauliflower to some of the most renowned personalities including APJ Kalam and Pranav Mukherjee. Still at the age of 70 he is dedicated to farming and has kept his eyes on the Guinness book of world records. Farmers like him are the true essence of our nation who bestow their love for mother earth and produce food that fulfills everyone’s need.

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