Telangana Police's Brilliant Initiative Is Making Life Easier For New Mothers

A mother has to walk on a fine line of parenting when it comes to taking care of her baby while working and it becomes even more difficult if you have a demanding job like police service. Though the women officers do get a leave ranging from 135 to 180 days, but leaving a six month old child to return back to work can be a heart wrenching in itself.

Few weeks ago a picture of Archana Jayant, a woman police constable in Jhansi with her baby in cradle as she went around her day, went viral on social media. Within hours of the photo grabbing attention on social media, people demanded better facilities for the mothers and the babies. After watching people's reaction to the picture, Uttar Pradesh police chief too said on Twitter that he is "exploring crèche options" in police stations.  


Not only general public but even Rachakonda Commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat was moved by the picture. While talking to The Better India, he revealed how the idea of a crèche came to him after the picture of a woman police personnel working with her baby on the desk went viral on social media. He said “The picture of the woman constable from the Kotwali Police Station of Jhansi moved me. We realized how difficult it was for our women employees to juggle their motherly responsibilities as well as tend to work. While most new mothers are at work, emotionally, they are constantly worried about their wards. And so, we decided to start the first crèche facility on an experimental basis in the Saroornagar Police Station where over 90 per cent of the staff are women employees.”

So on Nov. 8th, in order to ease the pressure on new mothers, the Mahila police station at Saroornagar in Telangana’s Rachakonda, inaugurated its first crèche. This crèche' has been named 'We Care' and it is for the convenience of women members of police staff with kids, so that they can work without being worried about their children.  

The crèche was inaugurated by Prof Shantha Sinha who has been a Magsaysay and Padmashree awardee as well as the Chairman of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), while doing so she too praise the initiative. But this move saw a mixed response from the women personnel. While some wondered why the move hadn’t happened sooner, others looked visibly overwhelmed and happy.


A woman constable while talking to Times Now said that their police station has around 43 staff members. Out of which 25 are women with five women having kids aged below five. Three of these women now drop their kids at the crèche and as per the law are free attend to their children, whenever required, making it easier for them to maintain a work-life balance.  To make it even easier for the mothers, all the costs of crèche' will be borne by the authorities.

So far the police station has four workers taking care of the crèche, in which two are police constables and the remaining two are outsourced. According to the Commissioner the crèche has five to six children who are being monitored every day and that the number is likely to increase. He further adds “We aim to set up these crèches in all police stations in a phased manner first at the zonal level, and later, at the divisional level,” he said. They are also hoping on increasing the number of women recruitment in all police stations to 33%.

We hope more and more police stations take a cue from them and work towards making life simpler for the young mothers. 

Picture Source: NDTV; The Better India

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