Water Bank In This School Is Teaching Kids More Than Books Ever Could

Half of Maharashtra at this point is suffering from drought, with 20,000 villages reportedly running out of water. Out of 350 tehsils 180 have been declared to be drought-ridden, with almost no water to drink. It is high time when schools, offices and residential complexes start taking steps towards water conservation


A school in Mumbai has already started working towards teaching kids the importance of saving every drop of water, the Vidyanidhi Educational Complex, has started a water bank on their school premises. With this campaign the school authorities hope to save water and spread awareness among students.

As per this initiative, the students at the end of the day are asked to pour the water left in their bottles in one of the storage drums, named the camel water storage. To make sure every student does that and no water is wasted in the premises, the school has appointed student squads.

According to the principal Priyanka Rajani, it is mandatory for the students to take an oath every day. The students in the squad, which takes care of leaking taps, have been given badges to put on their uniforms, just to them realize the seriousness of their jobs.

STD 5 student Laxmi Shetty while speaking to DNA about the initiative, she said, "We store the left-over water from our water bottles in the water bank. Every child has to do this without fail before leaving the school." Another student squad Chirag Jadhav who is in Std. VIII added, "I am a member of the squad that patrols school taps the entire day. There are 20 students in the squad, from STD 5 to 9. We check taps in the morning – if they are open or leaking – and also before and after recess and end of the day."


Other than spreading awareness among students, this has also helped the school in lowering the monthly potable water expenses. The Secretary of the Vidyanidhi Educational Complex, Dr Kitida Mehta, said to DNA, "We used to pay Rs 20,000 every month to get potable water tanker for the school. Now, this initiative is not just helping to save water but also creating awareness among children."

Along with her, even the Chairman of Vidyanidhi Educational Complex, Sanjeev Mantri, too feels positive about the school's initiative. He said, "This initiative is a continuation of the Clean India mission. The initiative will bring discipline among children and make them responsible citizens."

The leftover water that had been collected from the water bottles, replace the fresh water used to water the plants and in cleaning the school premises.


This campaign is actually the brainchild of entrepreneurs Vedant Goel and Yusuf Soni, who have so far, reached out to 7000 schoolchildren in Pune and Mumbai. “Our aim is to reach 10,000 children. Our campaign aims to educate kids about the importance of water and also make sustainable use of the available resources,” said Vedant to YourStory.

This campaign will ensure that the children are well educated about water problems in India. According to Vedant water is a long-term problem. If further damage has to be curbed, educating children can really go a long way, who would further spread the message to their family and neighbors and encourage a whole lot more people to save and reuse water.

We hope more and more schools take up such initiative because every drop counts.

Picture Source : DNA; The Better India; Nestle.lk

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