Pune Feels Safe In The Hands Of These Lady Bouncers!

One of the better ways of tackling societal stigmas and conservative mindsets is to come up with, and execute, unique, unthinkable and pleasantly surprising ideas. Our patriarchal society has time and again put women on the backburner and treated them as ‘weak’ or not worthy of enjoying the power that men do in the society. The number of jobs for women are limited and there are many organizations which still prefer employing males. A movement to create awareness about gender equality has to hit the nail on the head and send the message that women are not incompetent and can at times perform better than men.

An organisation in Pune is breaking stereotypes. ‘Swamini Lady Bouncers’ was started by ex-beautician Amita Kadam and they have been working on giving confidence and motivation to female security guards. They started by employing five women bouncers and today, they have fifty women working under them.

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A unique initiative that worked despite facing many obstacles

Being a woman bouncer is a tough job. Not just because of the responsibilities of the position, but mainly because of the outlook of people towards it. There is no respect, an air of awkwardness and hardly any acceptance. They also have to work for unusual hours since they work at clubs which see maximum crowd at late night. The costume is again quite different for the ladies who are used to wearing the regular salwar-kameez.

The founder, Amita Kadam, says that she got the confidence to start this challenging work from her family. Her husband and mother-in-law were very supportive as they could see that she was going to empower the lives of many women.

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“My sister’s husband is a bouncer and I was in awe of him and his work. Though I hadn’t heard of women bouncers, I thought women who go to a bar won’t be comfortable with a male bouncer so I launched SLB,” said Amita, in an interview with India Times.

Gaining confidence and self-belief 

Even though there were initial challenges and the women themselves felt a bit uncomfortable with this new way of living, they have sailed through and are loving their job today. They love the fact that people put their trust in them and their presence makes others feel secure and comfortable. At clubs, their job is to throw out people who are misbehaving and help drunk women to reach home safely.

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Kalandi Suryavanshi, who works as a bus conductor says that her presence in the bus makes parents feel really secure about their children. We have heard of rape and assault incidents inside buses and hence, her work has become so important. The job also pays them enough to manage a good living for their families. Shobha Kadnamushe and Sunanda Kumbhar, who are sisters-in-law, say that they can now afford good education for their kids.

Swamini Lady Bouncers has helped many women find a place of respect in the society. They are now self-sufficient and have become the bread winners of their family.

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