10 And 12-Yr-Old Foil A Kidnapping Bid So Smartly It Is Unbelievable

A two-and-a-half-year-old kid was being abducted by a stranger from a crowded place. While no one noticed it in the rush, his 10-year-old cousin spotted it and analyzed the whole scenario. When the stranger started to walk away with the child, his cousin fearlessly tailed the stranger to ensure his brothers safety and with this valorous act, this 10-year-old hero finally managed to safeguard his brother from the claws of a miscreant. 

No one noticed the abduction

On November 09, 2018, three children of the same family were playing outside near Zarina apartments in Mumbra, Maharashtra. The area was crowded because of wedding preparations going on in the locality. Around 01.30 pm, a burkha-clad woman poached the toddler.

When his 10-year-old cousin spotted her and investigated the woman she told him that she will get him some chocolates. This 10-year-old wasn’t convinced with her reply and rushed to his 12-year-old cousin and told him to inform the family while he went out to chase the woman. His instincts were right. 


(CCTV footage of boy chasing the kidnapper)

My 10-year-old nephew questioned the woman, to which she replied that she was going to buy chocolates for him. He got suspicious and rushed to his 12-year-old cousin and told him to inform the family that his brother was being taken away by an unknown woman,” says Khurshid Warsi, uncle of the brave kid.

The chase began

This 10-year-old boy followed the woman for about seven minutes. When the woman got the idea, she started to walk faster and tried to vanish but this boy wasn’t going to let her escape. He started chasing her and alarmed nearby people in the process.  When the neighbours and relatives rushed to the spot, she left the child there and escaped. No harm was done to anyone. 


(Superhero in red)

I kept walking behind her and kept asking where she was taking my brother. When I tried to catch her, she ran faster. This alerted passers-by and by then my relatives and neighbours rushed to the spot to rescue the child. When she noticed a crowd, she left the boy and fled,” says the brave boy.

All’s well that ends okay

All thanks to the fearless young hero who didn’t give up on his brother. Although an unwanted happening was avoided due to the instincts and bravery of the young boy, but it has also alerted the people of that locality about their children’s safety. They have decided to install CCTV cameras in the locality to monitor ongoing incidents and prevent any such incident from happening again. With these measures, children safety issue might be resolved to a large extent.

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