156 Students Use Crowdfunding And Raise 43 Lakhs For An Important Social Cause!

As we grow up and venture into our respective work lives, we realise that along with science, social studies and maths, one subject that will always find an application is moral education. To be honest, the subject is often taken lightly and not really given its due credit but by giving it more importance and making it more experiential, educational institutes can really help in shaping the mindset of the students. It is important for the youth of the country to be ethical, compassionate and stay motivated despite failures. They need to be taught that they should be humble and give back to the society.

Bombay Scottish School in Mahim is setting an example by preparing their young students in social activities. The students of this school, between 9th – 12th std, are collecting funds through crowdfunding to provide artificial limbs to the people from remote villages in Vidarbha region.

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Taking crowdfunding to kids 

156 students have been working on this ambitious project started by the school. So far, they have been able to collect ₹43 lakhs through crowdfunding and that surely is a huge contribution to the villagers. The best thing about a crowdfunding platform is that a huge number of people come together to send positive vibes and contribute in whatever financial way they can. There are no biases or selfish motives involved. For this particular project, the students’ efforts have seen money pouring in from 1428 people from 165 towns across India.

The effort is being co-ordinated by Dr. Sunder Subramaniam of Freedom Trust NGO. He says that it is heart-warming to see the little children take this initiative to such a successful height. Initially, the students set an individual target of ₹20,000 each for themselves. Almost hundred of them have already crossed this amount. Four students have collected more than 1 lakh in just 10 days.

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The crowdfunding is being done on the platform ‘fueladream’ and its founder Ranganath Thota believes that this initiative maximized storytelling and uses social media to create positive impact.

The four students who collected more than 1 lakh have different stories to share. Ansh Patel, a class XI students says that he just started sending messages after tapping into his parents’ contact list and got a great response. Dia Parasumpria from class XI credits her father for being a big help. Saachi Kamat, another student from class XI says that most of the people who contributed to her were strangers. Finally, Maryam Mozayan, who has raised ₹1.34 lakhs so far says that helping people makes her happy.

A relief to the villagers 

In Vidarbha region, there were a lot of patients coming in to the hospitals struggling to walk properly. The artificial limbs are expensive, with each limb costing ₹10,000. More than 400 people have been living with this physical challenge in the region.

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This effort from the students is going to bring joy and new meaning to the life of the villagers. This effort has been taken with a noble intention and one can already see the fruits that it is bearing. On one hand, it will instil positivity in the minds of those who receive the prosthetic limbs and on the other hand, the students will learn the joy of sharing and spreading happiness in others’ lives.

“Patients come crawling into our camps. But thanks to initiatives like this one, they will go back home on their feet,” said Dr. Sunder Subramanium.

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