IPS Officer's Simple Act Of Kindness Will Feed Thousands Of Children On World Kindness Day

Your left over food deserves a plate,’ is the slogan of kindness unlimited initiative started by an IPS officer hailing from a small village in Tamil Nadu who himself walked down the road of poverty and hardships to become what he is today. He knew what suffering means and decided to help the those who are in need. With kindness unlimited he started a mission to feed thousands of children who needed help but were not getting it. 

The journey of realization

D. Sivanandan, an IPS officer has started kindness unlimited initiative that will be distributing food packets among 20,000 school children on November 13, 2018 on the lieu of world kindness day. The reason behind this initiative is a lesson he learnt as a child.

Being from a very humble background, his parents always taught him and his siblings to share when they had enough. In order to support the family, he and his siblings always focused on government jobs. After his elder brother got a job in the navy, he also decided to get a job and support his family. He started as an economics professor in a college but was unsatisfied with it. So he decided to push further and applied for UPSC exams.


I wasn’t satisfied with being just an economics professor in a college. I wanted a few challenges and some thrill as a young man. So I decided to apply for UPSC exams,” says Sivanandan.

Life changing exam

While teaching economics, he used his extra time to prepare for his exams. His efforts paid off as he cleared IPS exams in his first attempt and joined the police. He realized that every crime that happened was a result of lust, greed and hunger. He was the head of crime branch then and observed that every person involved in gang violence was lacking basic facilities like food and shelter. He got an idea where to start.


(D. Sivanandan (middle) inaugurating roti bank)

When I was posted as DIG Nagpur range, I was living in the Gadchiroli district dominated by the adivasi population. I saw what hunger did to people. People would crush red ants and eat that for dinner–they would try to find anything to eat. I knew I had to do something,” says Sivanandan.

A boon to society

He started three schools on his own for the underprivileged children and founded Roti bank in Mumbai to redistribute leftover food to the needy. Till now his efforts have filled more than three lakh stomachs and kindness unlimited will help him feed more. With such noble deeds, many children will get benefited and will have a chance to redefine their future.

All I ask for people who are ever benefited by someone’s kindness is that they pay it forward. All you need is small acts of kindness. You can’t see it at the time–but trust me, it creates big ripples in someone’s life,” says Sivanandan.


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