Everyday For 20 Yrs Kerala Fisherman Collected Plastic From River

Kerala has the highest literacy rate of all the states in India. However, the place, also known for its natural beauty, green landscapes and rich water bodies, has also been experiencing a rise in pollution levels. The recent floods only added to the woes. The water bodies have been affected by marine and industrial litter and the condition is worsening every day. It is high time that the citizens start acting responsibly and take little steps on their own to inculcate a habit of protecting the environment.

A 70-year-old fisherman from Mavoor, Kozhikode has become an ideal to be followed due to his consistent, dedicated and selfless efforts towards removing plastic waster from the Cherupuzha river. Palakkal Khader is a normal fisherman but he has been doing a special act which sets him apart and for which he will also be awarded. Palakkal decided that whenever he goes fishing, he will also collect whatever plastic he can and do his bit in protecting the very water body that forms his source of occupation. He customized his regular schedule in an innovative manner.

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Palakkal kept on doing the same act for nearly twenty years, and after all this while, he has so far removed tonnes of plastic from the river, and that too, all by himself. To think of it, he has probably collected more garbage than fish, such has been the dedication of this man. When he started this, he never knew that his contribution will play such an important role in cleaning the river or that he would gather such a huge amount of waste. He just kept on doing his task and each day was a surprise to him since the quantity only kept increasing.

The old fisherman has been awarded for his hard work. The 21st PV Thampy Memorial Endowment Award for environment protection was conferred on him on Friday. He is known as the protector of Cherupuzha river. The award has been constituted to recognize ordinary people in society for the extra ordinary work they do in the area of environmental protection.

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“This year alone, I managed to collect 1,460 kg of plastic from the river. If we put it all together, it would not fit into this large hall. I am happy to receive the prize and I hope to keep collecting plastic from the river,” Khader said on receiving the award.

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The fisherman gives all the plastic fished out of the river for recycling. We should appreciate the fact that he has not stopped doing his bit irrespective of his age, occupation, status in society or any other external factor. It is no denying that out environment is dying. It is us individuals who need to inculcate environment friendly habits in our daily routine. After all, a pot is gradually filled by a consistent drop of water.


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