When Harmanpreet Made History While Suffering Severe Cramps

While running between the wickets, she got stomach cramps. Initially, the physiologist treated her with some medicine that stabilized her but if she would have continued running, the cramp would have gotten severe and she might have to return to pavilion. While most of the players would quit the match under the fear of hampering their career, she decided to go the other way and created history in the world of women's international cricket.

She put her career at stake

Harmanpreet Kaur (29), a resident of Punjab and an all rounder for women’s cricket team of India suffered from stomach cramps while she was running to score against New Zealand in the opening game of ICC T20. Although the physiologist gave her medicine but her cramps could have gotten worse if she would have continued running for singles and doubles. She was left with two options, either to leave the field and return to dressing room or to take risk and continue playing. She chose to keep playing but decided not to run anymore and after the match ended, everything became history.


"When initially I was running twos, I got a little cramp, after that the physio gave me medicine, and a little bit it settled down," says Harmanpreet.

Historical Decision

She asked Jemimah Rodrigues to give her strike as she planned to go for big shots to avoid running and score for India as well. With her courageous decision she turned her pain into power. After holding the batting position, she justified her decision by hitting a series of boundaries. She hit 103 runs in just 51 balls out of which she hit eight sixes. With her extraordinary performance, she became world’s third fastest century scorer in women’s T20 cricket and India became the highest scoring team in the world of women's T20 cricket with 194 runs at five wickets down.


(Harmanpreet smashing a boundary)

"I was not looking at how many runs I was getting, I was looking at how many we needed to win the game," says Harmanpreet.

Legend for a reason

Harmanpreet has won the Arjuna award for her brilliance in cricket in 2017. She has also smashed three centuries in ODI matches previously. Her best score is against Australia in the world cup last year. With a score of 171 in that match, her name was already on the lips of the legends but with her performance in T20, she also won millions of hearts as well.

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