With Fourth Successful Heart Transplant In Six Months, India Is Boldly Redefining The Pace Of Global Healthcare

If people from outer space are all caught up with the news, they’ll know that the criticism for healthcare in India is one of the most heated-argument starters. Riots over this, outrage over that, inadequate patient care, abandoned policies, and scandals have talks abound. As it seems like we’re yet to find a soft spot for the Indian healthcare services, this undoubtedly praise-worthy milestone will get you started on the soaring success of medicine that the nation is headed towards. 

Fortis Hospital in Kolkata witnessed its fourth successful heart transplant, which was also the second intra-city one in the last six months. Saving the life of a 30-year-old woman, the donation was carried out from 25-year-old Debalina Ghosh who was declared as brain dead in AMRI Hospitals in Dhakuria. Along with the heart, the donor’s kidneys were also donated to two recipients. 



Around 2 am on Thursday, a team of two surgeons and an anesthetist were harvesting the organs. The five-hour long transplant started around 3 am where the surgeons were headed by Tapas Ray Choudhury and the anesthetists were led by Sanjay Singh. The operation was declared successful after the patient was responding well to the organ and was taken under a 48-hour observation period. 

“The patient must remain under medication and supervision for at least 2-3 weeks, after which she will have to undergo regular check-ups,” said Fortis medical superintendent Arafat Faisal.



The donor’s kidneys were also transplanted to two women aged 45 and 25. The recipient of the heart was reportedly suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy and was seeking treatment for the same for almost eight months and was second in the queue for a transplant. “Her condition had been deteriorating and a transplant was the only solution,” said KM Mandana, a surgeon. When the body weight of the donor and recipient did not match with the first patient for transplant at  RN Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences, they had to cancel the first recipient. 

India is redefining healthcare. With its out-pacing technology and modern approach, the country is listed as one of the best to count on for the best medical facilities and treatments. Four successful heart-transplants in a span of six months is a major milestone that not only highlights the potential of medicine in the nation, but also the challenges the many notions of criticism it has faced so far. 

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