Even After Retirement, This Navy Man Has Taken A Stand To Keep Environment Safe

After serving the nation for a decade, his service as a Navy man came to an end but he didn’t know that something was waiting for him on the other side of retirement life. After protecting nation for so long, he decided to protect the environment by developing a bio-gas plant. But unlike every other plant, this one was mobile and could be used for domestic purpose as well. His design also solved the issue of disposing wet household garbage. 

Post retirement endeavor 

Rajagopalan Nair (68), a resident of Thissur, Kerala joined the Indian navy in 1964. After completing a decade of his service, he retired in 1974 and started fresh as a civil engineer. For his first step as civil engineer, he started his own civil construction company in Vasai, Kerala with a purpose to solve the problem of disposal of wet garbage from household like fruits and vegetable peels, discarded meat, chicken and fish waste that degrade over time and cause pollution. 


My aim was to introduce a system that can eliminate wet wastage produced in scores of households like vegetable and fruit peels,discarded meat, chicken and fish waste,and other forms of wet garbage,” says Rajagopalan. 

Thinking out of the box

Instead of setting up a traditional bio-gas plant, he developed a floating model that weighed only 350 kgs with the digester (A large tank where the waste is stored to process). His design was easy to install and feasible for domestic purposes as well. It not only produced bio-gas, but produced slurry as by product that proved to be very good manure for plants. He tested his first model in his home town in 2008. 


(Rajagopalan with his floating model)

This is the first portable biogas plant manufactured in India. With my plant the wastage produced in the household kitchen can be converted into different types of by-products like cooking gas and liquid manure,” says Rajagopalan.

It took time but was worth it

After a decade of its successful testing, he got ISO certification in May 22, 2018. Rajagopalan now plans to introduce it in Vasai as the Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation gives a five percent subsidy in house tax to residents of Vasai and Virar who install bio-gas plants in their homes.

By providing a non-polluting energy source that is also renewable, the earth is being kept clean of harmful emissions,” says Rajagopalan.

The model still needs to be upgraded as it produces foul smell and attracts pests and insects in the process of manufacturing bio-gas but it’s a good step towards protecting the environment as everything involved in this process is organic and doesn’t affect environment adversely.

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