When Jharkhand's 22-Yr-Old Took Over Australian High Commission For A Day

The young souls of abound with examples of passion that has significantly changed the social scene we thrive in today. Students are looking above and beyond the classic job hunt, participating in leagues where once only people with ‘experience’ were allowed and taking responsibilities that some may call as too mature for youngsters to take. Roused by the promise of making a change, 22-year-old Pari left a similar impression when she took charge of the High Commision for a day. 

Pari hails from Jamshedpur in Jharkhand, a place in India where the unfortunate Naxalism has taken a toll on its citizens. When she won the United Nations’ event on International Day of Girl Child, child-rights NGO - Plan India gave her the opportunity to experience the workings in the Australian High Commision. 

Not only did she held up the integrity of the platform that was provided to her, but she also used it for promoting a change many leaders couldn't. Advocating the point that is the most potent way to fight Naxalism, Harinder Sidhu, Australian High Commissioner to India praised her efforts. He also said that this will renew the Australian commitment to gender equality. 

"With proper education, one can fight against Naxalism and their beliefs. We should provide education to every child so that they can decide what's right or wrong. With education, people would get to know out their rights," said Pari in an interview with ANI. "I am very happy after serving as the Australian High Commissioner for a day. I hope I can inspire other children in my village to do the same and show their interest in education," she added. 

The situational modernity in the youth of today is filled with ambition and driven by the zest of opinions, smart-work, and change-bringing attitude. Gone are the days of 9 to 5 after 18 and arrange-marriages after 20, the future is a glimpse of the ‘new’ India on the rise. 


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