Grabbing Technology By Its Horns, Farmers In Karnataka Are Reaping Profits Through A New Crop Called E-Trading

Back in 2000, was a slow-crawling insect with attractive promises but couldn’t flourish the market because the Indian market wasn’t rich enough. The country of farmland didn’t have many people who would depend on communication devices and thus, the digital revolution arrived after its time. Flash forward and we are facing the results of what can be called a massive technological control of humans and that too like never before. A big proof of that is the same farmland culture where people are not only depending upon the digital devices but also using them for amping their usual profits. 



Unified Market Platform () run by Rashtriya e-Market Services is turning out to a popular choice for people in Karnataka. Farmers are generation up to 40% more income shows NITI Aayog report as the e-trading interface is swarmed with a booming number of users.

“Despite a spate of extreme weather conditions over the past four to five years, farmers who relied on UMP for sale of produce managed to get good returns because it widened the scope of market access,” said Manoj Rajan, MD, and CEO of ReMS. 

The UMP created a marvelous record in the month of July when the trade value crossed 1 lakh crore and broke all records in the history of an online trading platform for farm goods. For this successful implementation of UMP, Karnataka won the Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM) Innovation Award 2018.

“The average increase was 38 percent in nominal terms and 13 percent in real terms,” said the NITI Aayog report titled Doubling Farmer Incomes. It also said that the nodal prices of agri-products saw a higher rise in the wholesale rate as compared to the rate of the same commodity in other parts of the country. Churning out the best of technology that’s available literally in their hands, they not only came up with a solution but inspired thousands of other farmers to reap their hard work at a better price. 

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