16-Year-Old Science Prodigy Who Made A Video Worth 2.9 Crore

2.9 crores; for some, it might take a very long time to earn while for some, even a life span is less. But this 16 year old science prodigy from National Public School, Koramangala, Bengaluru earned it by making a video of nearly three minutes that helped him crack the Breakthrough Junior Challenge. This challenge focused on finding young minds exploring the complexity of science in an innovative way. This prodigy’s video explained a concept with the capability to resolve many more complex problems of human body.

A novel approach

Breakthrough Junior Challenge is a competition designed for teenagers in the age group of 13-18 years where they had to upload a video of them explaining tricky concepts of science or math in an innovative, engaging and well elaborated manner. This year, Samay Godika’s video about circadian rhythms in the field of life science took the biscuit and made him the winner of this challenge. His three minute wonder explained how this phenomenon is continuously done by the human body and affect our day to day experiences.


(Prodigy who won the challenge)

It feels amazing and unbelievable. I’m very happy to be among these great scientists. Our school is very science-centric and laid the foundation right from the beginning, shaping and guiding me to be the person I am today,” says Samay.

Every jewel requires polishing

One person wins but the effort that goes behind is made by many people. To make Samay win this glorious challenge, his teacher and mentor, Pramila Menon put in a lot of efforts to help him unravel the mysteries of science. While Samay got a reward of 1.8 crore, Pramila got rewarded with 36 lakh. He earlier also took part in this challenge and won the popular vote contest.


I didn’t win last year, but I came back this year, and I am fortunate to be here. Participating in and now winning the Breakthrough Junior Challenge is life-changing, thrilling and such an honour,” says Samay.

Why choose life science?

Samay is interested in circadian rhythm because some of his relatives are suffering from Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases and this phenomenon might be the key to resolve such problems. His school also received a science lab worth 72 lakh. His family and teachers are very proud of him. It’s because of their persistent support and Samay’s hard work that brought this glory. His work will surely be able to educate and help others in the field of life science.

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