Read How Kottayam Became India's Only Hunger Free District

Food, clothes and shelter are three most basic requirements of any individual but food is the most important one as it is vital for one’s survival. There are thousands of people who go to bed hungry and hundreds who die due to scarcity of food every day. With this issue getting severe day by day, a bunch of volunteers made a difference by their approach to eradicate hunger in Kottayam, Kerela. They ensured that no one there ever sleep with their stomach empty and made Kottyam, the only hunger free district in India.

Volunteering to fight hunger

20 voluntary organisations in Kottayam joined hands to fight this battle against hunger. The cavalry charged towards hunger passionately and the results were outstanding. With their collaborative effort, over 8,000 people got served every day. They served food to patients in various hospitals at very little or no price at all. Over 5,000 patients were taken care of by Navjeevan trust itself. Not just the hospitals, but around 241 homeless people were also served by the efforts of these organisations. Local residents also realized this cause and showed support by delivering food packets into a box placed at Kurshupalli Kavala.


Locals with unique ideas

Locals not just deposited food but also served the needy in several other ways. A group of locals started a Facebook group to create awareness and offered food to 15 beggars in Changanacherry town thrice a week. Anjappam Bhakshanashala, a local eatery in Kottayam allowed its customers to pay whatever they can in a donation box kept outside. It not just fed the poor and hungry but also gave them a self satisfaction that they have paid for the food. Social active friends, a local non-profit group took an initiative to serve free lunches across 22 hotels in Kottayam on the lieu of birth of Kerala on November 01. Even the ration shops are providing basic grains which are mandated by the government for the tribes of Kottayam.


Making a difference

With so much active participation from people having passion to contribute towards a greater cause, hunger will surely be eradicated with a little more effort and non profit mindset. For now it’s just Kottayam, but the volunteers are dedicated to make whole Kerala hunger free. They still have miles to go but with compassion and support of contributors, hunger will be no longer be the reason behind one’s suffering because food is not just a requirement but a right to everybody irrespective of their social strata.

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