Desi Sherlock Who Didn't Even Flinch As She Cut Her Foot To Solve A Case

Today's story is about a remarkable person. A woman who would do anything and can impersonate anyone — be it a maidservant, a blind woman, pregnant woman, a deaf and mute woman — just to get her job done. No, she is not an actress, she is Rajani Pandit, India’s first female detective and desi Sherlock Holmes to some.

Recently, Facebook page called ‘Humans of Bombay’ shared the story of this desi spy which went viral. With a career spanning over three decades and 80,000 solved cases under her belt, she is an inspiration to a lot of women who are trying hard to break gender roles.

Early starter

This 52-year-old powerhouse, who had her father - working in the CID- as an inspiration, started pretty young. Rajani recalls while speaking to Deccan Chronicle that she was in college, in order to help her friend who was behaving oddly, she shadowed her and even clicked pictures of her. Later she showed it to her friend's father who said "‘You are a spy. But you saved my daughter!’ At that time, she didn’t even know what ‘spy’ meant.

But the case that made her think seriously about taking up spying as a full-time career was when she was 22 and was working as an office clerk for a woman who was facing frequent instances of theft at her home, the lady suspected her daughter-in-law. Rajani offered to investigate the thefts and found out that it was her son that was behind the thefts, thus solving the case. Soon, people from all over Mumbai started coming to her, to help them solve their cases. Even media channels and print media started calling her "The first female detective of India."


Interesting Cases So far

She realized  no qualification was required to be a detective. The only requisite were concentration, hard work, struggle, in-depth knowledge and dedication towards the profession. So Rajani decided to start her own agency and named it Rajani Pandit Detective Services, also known as Rajani Investigation Bureau, in 1991. She set up an office in Mahim, Mumbai and, by 2010, had employed a staff of 30 detectives and was handling about 20 cases a month. 

When asked by Times of India what had been her most difficult case so far, she replied, "My toughest case was gathering proof for a murder investigation," It was a case where both the husband and the son were murdered but with no proof as to who was behind it. She went undercover as a maid at the home of the lady who was the prime suspect, she recalls. Rajani had a near miss when her tape recorder nearly gave her away. 

The lady grew suspicious after that incident and restricted her from leaving the place. She waited patiently for 6 months until one day the hitman hired by the woman, came to meet her. So she cut her foot with a knife and told them that she had to go out to get it bandaged and she ran out to an STD booth and called her client to arrive with the police, leading to the arrest of both the woman and the hitman.


Rajani's firm has handled a wide variety of cases like domestic problems, company espionage, missing people and murders not only in India but also abroad, sometimes in disguise like of a maidservant, a blind woman, pregnant woman, dumb woman. Not only that she has even pretended to be a lunatic to investigate two business executives.

Apart from this...

With such interesting line of work, it's hard not to fall in love with it and that's the reason why she chose to be single. While talking to Humans of Bombay she said, " I was married to my job. I just never had the time or desire to start a family."  

She has been awarded for her inspiring work both nationally and internationally, With such rich experience, she has even written two very popular books, which has won its fair share of awards - Faces Behind Faces and Mayajal. 

As a great fan of detective stories, we hope we get to see a series or maybe a bollywood film based on her. So let's conclude our story about this remarkable lady with her quote.

"My work is clean, my mind is clear and my courage is unwavering. But most of all...I’m a homegrown, desi Sherlock " 

Picture Source : Indian Express;; Women News Agency



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