IIT Madras Giving New Meaning To Make In India With 'Shakti'

“India is lacking in technology”, “We’re not advanced”, “Uh, we need better resources?” 

How many of these questions do we ask on a regular basis? Yes, it’s a fact that we have a long way to go in terms of technological advancement and learning. But while many of us cribbing about the problem, a bunch of young engineers from IIT Madras are developing next-generation inventions that are not just solutions but revolutionary milestones. 

Madras has recently developed and booted up the first indigenously-built microprocessor. ‘’, a chip optimized for mobile computing and wireless devices. Matching the international standards and quality, these processors can replace the ones the country currently imports for technical requirements. According to a statement, these are manufactured at the Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO) Semi-Conductor Laboratory in Chandigarh, making it the first RISC V processor that’s India produced. 



One of the most highlighted features of this processor is the fact that it’s less vulnerable to hardware and trojan-infected systems. 

"With the advent of India, there are several applications that require customizable processor cores," lead researcher Prof Kamakoti Veezhinathan mentioned in the announcement. "The 180nm fabrication facility at SCL Chandigarh is crucial in getting these cores manufactured within our country."



The Shakti processor also allows for the various clock speeds for different needs of end-user devices. For IoT gadgets and wireless networking systems, the device has an additional low-power mode. Supported and funded by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, this is just a huge step that marks the beginning of India-based progression in the telecommunication sector. 

Did you know that by the end of 2020, India will be the youngest country? With over 60% population younger than 35, the government is encouraging more startups than ever to make India the self-sufficient country that it is. If you have that idea in your mind that can change the world, today is the time to work it out. 

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