96-Year-Old Woman Cracks Literacy Test With 98% Marks!

In our country’s bid to rapidly move towards being called a ‘Developed Nation’, one area we have realised that we need to focus on is the literacy rate. Despite drastic modernisation, the majority of the Indian population still resides in the rural areas and the literacy rate is struggling to catch up with that of the other developed countries.

In Kerala, the state which is already known for having the highest literacy rate across India, a miraculous event has happened. A 96-year-old woman has defied all the myths associated with old age and has cracked the literacy examination scoring 98 marks out of 100.

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Age is no barrier! 

Karthyayani Amma lives in Cheppad in Alappuzha district. She has become the oldest woman ever to take the exam. The reading and writing tests were conducted in Malayalam and she scored 28 out of 30 in maths, 30 out of 30 in reading and 30 out of 30 in writing test. Her 98% marks mean that she will be deemed ‘literate’ by the state government and she is eligible to write the equivalent of the 4th standard exam next year. She will receive a merit certificate from Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan in Thiruvananthapuram.

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“She is a very smart student and picks up letters very fast. She’s very good with memorising poems. The thing that astounds me every time is that she never thinks about her age. It never crosses her mind that she’s 96. I cannot express how energetic she is. When I informed her that she got 98 out of 100, she said ‘ayyo’ (oh). After she wrote the exam in August, she had told me that the question paper was very easy for her. Apparently, everything she learned didn’t come for the exam,” said Sati Krishnan, the teacher who was the old lady’s instructor, in an interview with Indian Express.

96 and still going strong

Amma was extremely happy to know that she passed the exam. We should appreciate her dedication to learn at this age. She worked hard since a long time for the exam time and was actually sad that she lost 2 marks. She says that she wants to study more as long as she is healthy. It was difficult for Amma to prepare since she had never even held a pen in her life. Her hand used to shiver all the time but she kept practising and finally got success!

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On November 1, the village panchayat decided to arrange a vehicle for Amma to travel to Thiruvananthapuram where the Chief Minister was going to give her the prestigious certificate.

KenFolios wishes for more and more power to Karthyayani Amma!

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