At The Age Of Attending Primary School, He Teaches Engineers How To Build Their Future

For all we knew as a standard seven kid was how to chill out and have fun with our friends without any worries of this world. We barely showed concern about our own future let alone contributing to make someone else’s. But this kid of standard seven is unlike anyone else you come across. With his abilities and deeper insight of design, he has been teaching engineering graduates and post graduates double his age. But the main reason why he started it was a video that he saw a year ago.

Video that revealed to him the scenario

Mohammed Hassan Ali, an 11-year-old resident of Hyderabad came across a video a year ago that showed him why Indian graduates are doing odd jobs in foreign countries. After he investigated it for himself, he found that these graduates lack some serious skills which are required the most to boost their career. All he had to find was how he can contribute.


"I was watching a video on the internet about Indians doing odd jobs in foreign countries even after studying. That is when it struck my mind that what is it that our engineers lack? I realised it is primarily technical and communication skills that they are not well aware of,” says Hassan.

He found his dominance in…

Hassan had a penchant towards designing, so he chose to learn and impart education in the same field. Internet became his repository where he looked to expand his knowledge in the field. His efforts yielded results as well. He started teaching students at a coaching institute where graduation and post-graduation engineering students attended his lectures. It has been over a year now that he has been teaching and that too for free. 

Since my area of interest is designing, I started learning and teaching the same,” says Hassan.

Unlike, yet like every other kid

He attends school, does his homework and play sports as well. Pretty much everything a 11-year-old does. But after 06:00 pm, he becomes a competent teacher whose extraordinary skill set benefit a lot of students.


"I have been doing this since last year. I go to school in the morning and I am back home by 3 pm. I play and do my homework. By 6 pm, I go to the coaching institute to teach civil, mechanical and electrical engineers," he said.

His work and teaching methods is well appreciated by his students and they are quite satisfied by what they are getting from this beautiful mind. His passion and dedication for teaching will surely help a lot of students in boosting their skills. May be it's time that we realize the need of amendments in our education system that focuses on the real world requirements rather that being confined to textbooks.

"I have been coming here for a month-and-a half to learn civil software. He is younger to all of us here but manages to teach quite well. His skills are good and what he teaches is easy to comprehend," says G Sushma, a civil engineer and Hassan’s disciple.

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