Diwali Pledge: Feed A Hungry Kid By This Simplest Gesture Ever

Each one of us has seen a child beg for food outside restaurants or at the traffic signal and it is nothing less than heartbreaking. At an age when life is brimming with creativity and joy, these children are constantly worried about scoring their next meal and getting through one more day. It can't be contested that living in a world with well-fed children has been a collective dream for leaders across centuries but hasn't been realized till date. However, here's something amazing happening on your mobile screens right now that will get us closer to a nation where children aren't starving.

Inviting a friend to Impact App, a fitness plus kindness mobile application, is all you have to do to bring two meals to a child in need.


If you have ever wanted to work for this cause let us tell you that it can't get any easier than this. The app has created a unique Share a Meal Challenge that shares meals with every download. It aims to feed 100,000 meals to needy kids with its users’ help before year end. This simply means that a couple of touches on your mobile screen will feed tiny tummies.

Kindness At Your Fingertips

In a consumer-app like Uber or Swiggy, users and their friends get a discount on their next ride or meal when they invite someone to the app. With Challenge, this app has shifted that incentive from ‘me to we’. The company is running this campaign in partnership with DHL and Akshay Patra who will fund the campaign and feed the kids respectively on behalf of the app’s users.

This exceptionally convenient and kind referral scheme is a celebratory gesture by Impact for crossing charity milestone of Rs 3 crore and raising an investment of $300,000 (more than Rs 2.20 crore) in its angel round.

How Impact works:


Impact app is a fitness plus charity app where every kilometer walked or jogged raises money for a social cause of the user’s choice. In the last two years, more than 60,000 users of this app have covered 30 lakh km to raise Rs 3 Crore to support 20+ nonprofits across the globe. Recently, the app raised its angel round from a series of angel investors. This campaign is their way to celebrate their recent successes. Download the app here.


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