Selling Idli-Dosa Batter Made This Alumni, IIM-B's Youngest Award Winner

Idli and dosa are probably the most popular South Indian specialty. There are hardly any Indian homes that doesn't enjoy these simple yet healthy dishes. Some have even went a step ahead and touted it as the national dish of India, owing to its popularity from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari. But making the perfect batter from the mixture of rice and urad daal can be a bit tricky. Thankfully there is a company, who now excel in making batter for Idli and Dosa, almost guaranteeing perfect dish every time you cook. I am sure most of our readers have already heard about it, yet let me tell you the name again, "ID fresh foods", they have even currently come up with Vada batter too.


Success of iD Fresh Foods

It all started in 2006, when the founders of this company noticed dosa batter being sold in plastic packets at nearby stores. This inspired Mustafa and his cousins to set up an operation in a 550 sqft space with two grinders, a mixer and a sealing machine.

Initially, they supplied the batter to 20 stores in Bengaluru under the brand name ‘ID’ – abbreviation for Idly, Dosa. With such a brilliant idea, it was impossible to go wrong, they started making profit from day 1. Steadily their business started to grow. Soon, they bought more space for their kitchen and were sending packages in every corner of the city.


Today, iD Fresh manufactures 50,000 kg of batter daily from their units across the country and one in Dubai, and the reason behind their popularity is their products are 100% natural. Their products are available in air tight packets with a shelf life of seven days. “iD Fresh products are 100 per cent natural without any preservatives or additives in it,” says Musthafa and that's the reason why they chose not to deal with "Appam" batter as it requires a small amount of preservatives.

What once started with a one-product, one-city company iD Fresh Food (India) Private Limited now manufactures seven food products across twelve cities in India and Dubai. Today, iD Fresh products are sold in 16,000 stores. Their main unit in Bengaluru currently operates in a 15,000 square feet space.


Winning the IIM(B) prestigious Alumni Awards

Because of the company's great success, during the 45th Foundation day of IIIM(B), 44-year-old, PC Musthafa, the co-founder of iD Fresh Foods -- who launched this company with 4 of his cousins -- has become the youngest recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Awards in the history of IIM B. Musthafa who looked visibly delighted, said to TOI, "My father will be proud to see my name on the Wall Of Fame at the institute.”

Musthafa's Rags to Riches Story

Story of Mustafa is a perfect rags to riches story. His father was a daily wager, he grew up in Chennalode, a remote village in Wayanad district of Kerala which had neither electricity nor roads. Till 6th std. he was below average in studies, he even failed in his 6th std and he decided to drop out of school to help his dad but his teacher could see great potential in him and persuaded him continue. Since then he never looked back.


Even in his Engineering entrance Exam he secured 63rd rank and did his BE in computer science. After that he took up series of jobs, one even took him Ireland. He then shifted to Citi Bank, Dubai and started living comfortably with his wife and 3 sons. But in spite of all comforts he always longed to move back to India.  

After seven years in the Middle East he returned to Bengaluru in 2003 with a saving of Rs 15 lakh and enrolled himself in IIM(B) to do his MBA. Before he could even finish his MBA, iD came into being and the rest is history.

iD's Future Plans

 The company is also coming up with a world class manufacturing plant of 75,000 square feet space near Hoskote in a year’s time. “We have transitioned from a family-run business to a professionally-run organization. iD Fresh Food runs on IT; the operations are totally automated and is technologically-driven,” explains Mustafa while talking to the weekleader.  iD Fresh also plans to capture US market along with Singapore, Malaysia and the UK soon.  

 “If you have the passion to start something, do it immediately. Don't wait for tomorrow.” - PC Musthafa

Picture Source: Times Of India; The WeekLeader; IndiaTimes; ForbesIndia; Project Deep Dive


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