Banda University Professor Discovers A New Variety Of Onion Which Can Prove To Be A Real Boon For The Farmers!

Farmers form the backbone of a country’s economy, especially for a country like India which is highly dependent on agriculture. As our nation moves towards modernization, it is important to make sure that the farmer community is also progressing alongside other industries. Technological advancements are currently on the rise and something seemingly as complex as Artificial Intelligence is also being used in our daily life now. Many farmers are still using older technologies to produce crops. They are heavily dependent on the weather and other external factors and a significant amount of technological upgradation is needed in this sector.

This is where Banda University’s Dr. R K Singh’s newly developed idea comes across as extremely important and necessary. Dr. Singh has come up with a high-yielding variety of onions that can be preserved for a much longer time and has a much lesser gestation time than the usual onions.

Wonder onion and its major implications

The wonder onion gets ready in just 80-83 days as compared to 110 days taken by regular varieties. The yield is approx. 300-350 quintal per hectare which is significantly higher than the 250-280 quintal per hectare for normal varieties. The normal onion sprouts in a month but this onion can be preserved for two and a half months in normal temperature before it starts getting sprouted. In cold storage also, it can be preserved for 80 days.

The major implication of this discovery is that it can lead to an increase in the income of the farmers, in fact, the income can double by 2022. The makers are confident that the new variety has enough qualities to make something like this happen. The agriculture scientists of Banda University had developed a dark red variety of onion which proved to be a boon for farmers in the Bundelkhand region.

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How Dr. R K Singh discovered the wonder onion

Dr. Singh had actually started his research more than a decade ago in Nasik when he was posted in the National Horticulture Research and Development Foundation. He had initially named it Line – 883. After getting transferred to Banda, he realized that Bundelkhand can become his testing ground. His tests got good results in the last 2 years and he is now very confident about launching this new variety of onion on a larger scale.

The onion seeds were used by over 400 farmers of different regions and states, including Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Jharkhand Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Karnataka, on trial basis with exemplary results. Moreover, 15 farmers of Banda district have used the seed of Line 833 and got very good output.

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“The new breed has a growth of 50-55cm length with a bulb of diameter of 5-6 cms. It requires less water and gives best results in Kharif crop,” said Dr. Singh, according to TOI.

Farmer Ram Singh who has used the onion believes that the new seed is a boon to the farmers. This new discovery is showing immense potential in helping not just the farmers, but the economy of the entire country.


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