Ignoring His Dying Leg & Severe Pain This Hero Ran 3 Km To Save 1000s Of Strangers

When you have gone through a lot in your life, the only thing left in you is your courage, your strength and your confidence in your ability to overcome all your disabilities.

Indian Railways manages the fourth-largest railway network in the world by size, running more than 20,000 passenger trains daily, on both long-distance and suburban routes, from 7,349 stations across India. Maintaining such a large network is a herculean task and going by the number of accidents every year, it is clearly evident that IR is struggling with it. But very often we hear about quick thinking observant citizens who help avert huge tragedies. This story is too about one such hero who overcame his disability to save thousands of lives.


Meet Krishna Poojari, a 53-year-old wage labor who works at a roadside eatery in Udupi’s Korangrapady village. A few months ago, he was diagnosed with an ailment in his right leg which was slowly deteriorating its strength. Krishna was put on regular medication and treatment but nothing seemed to help him. He being a daily wage earner couldn’t afford an advanced treatment. Because of that he had to give up on medication too. His doctor then advised him to go on daily walks to keep his limbs active.

The shocker

Thankfully doctor’s suggestion worked, regular walking kept Krishna healthy. He religiously walked 2 km every morning, near the Brahmasthana Nagabana area. On Saturday, while taking his regular walks he saw crack in the railway tracks. As he stood there contemplating his next course of action, a train passed by, due to its speed and weight, to his utter shock the crack widened. He knew, if left unattended this crack would result in a big tragedy and 1000’s of lives were at stake.


Without thinking twice about his leg, he started running towards the railway office which was almost 3 km away. Braving the excruciating pain he reached railway office where he told them about the crevice on the tracks. The department immediately sprung into action on Krishna's advice and ordered to halt two trains. One train was halted at Indrali railway station which is located around 7 km away from the said location and the other was stopped at the Padubidri railway station which is around 16 km away. It was a pretty close call. Forty minutes later, Krishna accompanied some engineers to identify the spot. Soon the crack was fixed and the trains were allowed to run on tracks but at a regular speed.

Thousands of passengers owe their lives to this Krishna. We at Kenfolios applaud this brave heart, who not only braved his disability but succeeded in saving lives too.

Picture Source : Times of India, Daily Hunt and The Better India.

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