Marching In The Uniform, Six Little Sainik Girls From Mizoram!

Mizoram is witnessing a revolution of sorts and one that should make every citizen of the state extremely proud about their collective progressive nature. The Sainik schools (Army schools) which had so far been conservative, have decided to open the entry for girls for the first time ever. Not only does this mean more opportunities for girls, it also shows that the society is now getting prepared to provide a status of respect to women.

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History in the making 

The Indian Armed Forces have had women officers since 1992, but they are generally inducted into the supporting arms such as education, engineering and medicine. The first Sainik School was set up in Maharashtra in 1961 and their main aim was to prepare ‘boys’ for entry into the NDA. There are 28 Sainik schools in the country. The tradition changed this year as the organisation decided to open its gates for girls also. Sainik School Chhingchhip, which had just opened in 2017, was chosen as the pilot school to initiate this task. 10% of the total class strength had to be reserved for girls.

The principal of the school, Lt Colonel Inderjeet Singh, said that the responsibility was huge. The school immediately started putting out advertisements and making announcements over loudspeakers. They received 31 applications for the girl students. These girls then sat for the written exams along with boys and 21 made it to the interview round. Finally, 6 girls were selected.

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The school is also adding more security for the safety of the girls. They have beefed up the security for the girls’ hostel building and set up two sets of wired fencing. They are doing everything they can to make the girls feel comfortable and at home.

Making dreams come true 

The six girls selected were - Zonunpuii Lalnunpuia, Jurisa Chakma, Malsawmthari Khiangte, Alicia Lalmuanpuii, Lalhminghlui Lallianzuala and Elizabeth Malsawmtluangi. It has been four months now and the girls seem to have gotten used to the very physically draining schedule. They study English, Hindi, Maths, Social Studies, Science and Computer Science along with an optional language. There are also lots of co-curricular activities. The good thing is that there is no differentiation in the schedule of boys and girls.

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The teachers keep a vigilant eye on the students but never give any preferential treatment to them. It has been a challenging journey for each of the 6 girls. They aren’t used to staying away from their home and especially in such hectic schedule. The girls recall that their initial days weren’t very easy. They all have special, emotionally riveting stories but it is only making them stronger and closer to achieving their dreams.

It is not so easy to bring a change in the system of an institution that has been working in a fixed manner for years now. For every entity to be completely aligned, a lot of strategic decision making will need to be involved. But one cannot question that the decision is noble and a step towards the empowerment on women and putting them on the same pedestal as men. KenFolios hopes that the number of girls admitted in Sainik schools only increases from here on.


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