Super Cop Or Super Mom? Well, Decide For Yourself

When duty calls, you can't give any excuse especially when it comes to serving the nation as an officer of law. This woman constable posted in Jhansi gave meaning to it by a powerful display of her devotion at work. Being a mother of a six month old daughter, it started to become difficult for her to look after her daughter. She had no one she could rely upon.But she didn’t give up on any one of them and showed the power of being a woman on duty or more of a mother.

Challenges to a mother

Archana Jayant Singh (30), hailing from Agra was posted at Agra in 2016 as police constable. She was a mother of two daughters. Elder one lived with her family in Kanpur but the younger one being only six months old required more time and attention of her mother. Because Archana’s husband was employed in a private company, he was unable to look after her. So she had to do it all by herself. That’s when she showed true power of motherhood and started to take her daughter to her workplace. Every day she took her daughter to work and did her job as well with the same efficiency as ever. She had no idea what she would get in return for her dedication both as a mother and an officer of law.


(Archana with her husband and daughter)

A photo that turned her fate

One of her colleagues clicked a photo of her doing her job while her daughter was sleeping on desk. She had no idea what that photo would do. That photo went viral and suddenly everyone on social media was talking about it.   Many of her senior officers also appreciated her dutifulness and shared her photo too. Navneet Sekra, Inspector general of police, UP also shares her photo stating, “This photo does not require a caption, it’s beautiful in its own way” and Subhash Singh Banghel, DIG, Jhansi rewarded her with an amount of 1,000 rupees. 


(Image that vent viral over web)

My seniors and my colleagues also help me in looking after my daughter,” says Archana.

Love and rewards

The whole nation saluted this mother for her undeniable dedication towards her daughter as well as job. The DIG of Jhansi also accepted her request to shift her to Agra so that she can look after both her daughters properly. What could be more rewarding for a mother to be able to look after her children and serve the nation at the same time? Well, nothing! She showed everyone the true meaning of being a mother and also the power that lies within.

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