Turning Suffering Into Motivation: From Domestic Abuse Survivor Winning Mrs India Title

Scaling the horizons of her dreams today, it is almost unbelievable to digest the fact that she there was a time when 36-year-old Nusrat Parveen attempted suicide out of anxiety. Hailing from Kashmir, the mother of three children settled in Maharashtra, she hasn’t always been on the front-end of receiving a princess-treatment that many modern-day imaginations weave and believe. From domestic abuse to financial black holes, her story is beyond-inspiration. 

“I was an ordinary housewife who always focused on her family, husband, and children. I never thought beyond that. As life progressed, my husband started distancing from me. Last year, I received a shock of my life when I came to know that my husband has solemnized the second marriage. First I could not believe it, but when the truth dawned I became emotionally broke,” Nusrat told in an interview with DNA.

Victimized by society, empowered by her family 

In India, women are ‘supposed’ to adjust, understand and agree with everything their significant other says or does. They say it’s what the bond of marriage means. In the modern age where such norms are no longer applied, those who rise above such beliefs may not face restriction but are still judged and criticized in the dark corners of society. 

“My pain was so deep and cruel. I faced that all alone, hence, managed to come out of the ordeal. I decided to leave all my agonies behind to do something for myself”, Nusrat Parveen told Kashmir Patriot.



Her sister and daughter played a major role in picking her up from rock bottom but it for Nusrat still had it long from recovery. It was when she stumbled upon an ad which was a call for participants for the Mrs. India International 2018 and the light at the end of tunnel went suddenly brighter. 

“I submitted the form online and luckily I was selected. I went to Bangalore for the auditions. Some days later I received a mail that I have been selected and the next destination is Goa for a photoshoot. After passing the hurdle we flew to Malaysia. We had a grooming session and other rounds. And finally, I was declared the winner of Mrs. India International 2018 in July,” she said.

A crown that embodies the struggle of every Kashmiri women

But fighting her husband in the court and taking care of her children both were drawing a lot of funds. In order to participate in the events, she had to sell her jewelry and it wasn’t the last of the problems she faced. 

“I had no money as I was contesting a case in the court against my husband. I needed money for submitting the fee and buying some clothes. I sold my jewelry of Rs 2.5 lakh to meet the cost,” she said.



Born in Yaripora in South Kashmir’s Kulgam district, Nusrat’s father had served the Indian defense because of which Nusrat spent almost 20 years of her life in Maharashtra. She could understand English but wasn’t fluent in it, thus, her struggle with confidence was a major challenge she faced. “I am not confident in speaking English because I had not ventured out of my home. I was literally caged in my home. I was not able to speak. I was literally dumb. My confidence level was not high,” she said.

Looking past all her sacrifices and experiences, today she’s glittering with a new-found success. Her scars have slowly started to heal and a new beginning is what she’s awaiting for.

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