Soul-Stirring Watch: She Crawled To Finish Line With Bleeding Knee & Fracture

Certain moments in life makes us realize how hard life can really be. When you are overwhelmed and underprepared, moving but struck and constantly struggling for that ever-elusive sense of control, the realization hits you like a ton of bricks. But even if it’s the weakest day in your life, try to hold on a little longer. In the moment of defeat, preserve a little longer and when your grip is giving out on you, keep pushing for a little longer.

Crawling agonizingly to finish line on her knees, Rei Iida was pulling her body in the agony of pain every second. It was her part of the relay, which meant her part of the win, but what’s between them was a fracture that challenged her in an unfortunate moment. The 700ft of the 2.2-mile section was proving to be an impossible challenge which was pushing with a bleeding knee. 

The 19-year-old was a participant in  Sangyo corporate 'ekiden' race in Fukuoka Prefecture where she crawled between 600 to 1,000 feet to get to her partner and hand over the red-sash. The heroic moment captured in a video has gained a lot of attention and has turned into one of the most inspiring moments in the history of sports. 

Despite her knee slashed, she never gave up on the track knowing that her teammates deserve a chance. When race officials approached her, she has reportedly asked, “how many meters are left until my goal?” The officials were taken aback by her powerful motivation and were supported until she was on all fours to cross the finish line. 



And at that moment, she won. Not only that relay, but the hearts of millions who were watching her and rooting for her. She sparked a message that not even those who scored the first position could. 

She was immediately taken to the hospital and a 4-month recovery is being expected for her. The moment that shook the audience was her will to not accept defeat in her challenge. And inspiring would be an understatement for her contribution to the faith of sports and even for the psychology of human life. 

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