Heartwarming: Bombay House of Tata Group Offering a Dedicated Kennel for Stray Dogs

The 94 year old “Bombay House”- international headquarters of the Tata group, had gone through extensive renovations to support the current day aspirations of its employees.The restoration took 9 months to complete, which gave the heritage building a modern look, equipped with current day services. The new look will certainly awe its employees and the visitors but the most inspiring part of it is that the new office building will offer space to the local stray dogs.


In the official press release on 29th July 2018, it was revealed that a dedicated kennel has been prepared inside the building to accommodate the stray dogs of the locality. These dogs have long been an integral part of this building.

The kennel will not only offer shelter to these dogs, but they will also be fed and taken care of. They can come and go as they please and can anytime take shelter from the sun and rain.

The kennel is also painted keeping in mind the choice of our canine friends. One wall is full of black and white pictures of dog doodles and there is a dedicated wooden structure for them to hop on. There are couches and playing items for them as well. The sight of local dogs chilling out in the room will surely warm your heart. A local NGO, 'Save Our Strays' has already shared few pictures of the dogs sitting in the room on Facebook and it is receiving a lot of attention from the netizens. This is indeed a great initiative taken by the Tata Group, to look after the well-being of these stray dogs, definitely a first of its kind in India.

Hope other corporate houses will get inspiration to take up similar and other relevant social responsibilities in the near future.

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