Incredible Story: From Cleaning Buses To Winning Gold For Our Nation

Challenges are but a thorn in a person’s journey towards achieving his/her goal. Every person has a unique story but not everyone is successful. It is only those who have the will to fight and the zeal to keep going who can reach great heights in life. The job of life is to put you down and to continuously test you, but if you can survive, the fruits are sweeter than you think. All of us go through a cycle of ups and downs, that cannot be changed. What can be changed, though, is how boldly we face the downs and how consistent can we remain in the ups.

Look at Narayan Thakur. Born with a disability, lost his father when he was just eight and spend eight years in an orphanage, but today, he is a Gold winner in the Men’s 100 metre category in Asian Para Games 2018.

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A story that everyone can learn from! 

Narayan Thakur’s story is of an undefeatable spirit. He has seen such lows in his life and he could have easily blamed it all on his fate, but he decided to create his own fate instead.

"I was born in Bihar. A heart condition forced my father to relocate to Delhi. He was detected with a brain tumour after a few years and passed away,” said the athlete, in an interview with TOI.

Thakur suffers from left sided hemiparesis. It is a condition in which the patient suffers paralysis on the left side of the body and a brain stroke. The death of his father only worsened things for him as it got tougher for his mother to look after him and his two siblings. Hence, he had to move to an orphanage in Daryaganj where he got food, shelter and a place to study.

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When he moved out of the orphanage, his family suffered another cruel blow as the jhuggis they were staying in Samaypur Badli was demolished.Thakur has seen times when he was forced to clean DTC buses and work as a waiter outside Delhi eateries. Such jobs helped him to earn a living after he left the orphanage.

Venturing into the world of sports 

Thakur was always interested in sports even as a kid. Cricket was his first love but things did not work out for him in that field. He had a determination to pursue sports and he was advised to practise athletics at Jawaharlal Nehru stadium. He was excited but the problem was commuting from his house to the stadium. He could not afford spending ₹40-50 on bus tickets. He shifted to Thyagaraj stadium for training. He kept working hard and was gradually noticed. He has impressed in a few other competitions before winning in Jakarta.

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"I am happy to have won the gold for India in Jakarta. I am the only Indian to have won the athletics 100m gold in an Asiad or Asian Para games. I was given a cheque of ₹40 lakhs by the Prime Minister during a felicitation programme. I also hope to get some financial reward from the Delhi government. I need to build a house for my family and work further on my training,” said Narayan Thakur.

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