Passengers Pay Attention, Engine-less Train Is Arriving On Make In India's Platform

With the introduction of Make in India, India witnessed advancements in several sectors. Whether it was oil industry or railway, a developmental surge was observed as production grew and unnecessary cost was cut. New opportunities were created and country saw a promising future. But recently with a breathtaking concept of a train, it has set a whole new benchmark for the whole world. Unlike any other train that the world has witnessed till now, this one doesn’t have an engine to propel it. But, how does it run then? Read to find out.

Big reveal

The Make in India’s miraculous train named Train-18 was built by Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in such a way that it doesn’t require any locomotive and should be able to propel itself at an effective budget of 100 crores. Because most of its parts were manufactures in India, it saved nearly 70 crores that would have been required to get those parts imported. It was finished in a record time of 18 months and has some of the best facilities.


This is one of the most ambitious Make in India concepts. By developing it completely in India, we have saved on the cost of technology transfer from a foreign country that is usually the norm,” says Sudhanshu Mani, general manager of ICF.

Full of features

Train-18 will have 16 coaches with two executive ones and will run at a maximum speed of 220 kmph which is 10-15% faster than the Shatabdi Express. For security purpose each coach is installed with 6 CCTV cameras and an emergency button. Two special toilets are in the train for disabled and space for baby care is also provided. Many more interesting features also add up to its pride. Train-18 is also believed to have better acceleration and 50% more powerful. The power is combined with a smart e-generative and electro-pneumatic braking system. 


The 360 degree revolving seats have been air-lifted from Spain; apart from the braking system and transformers, these are the only imported components,” say officials.

Places it will connect

It will be following routes of Shatabdi Express like Delhi-Bhopal, Chennai-Bengaluru and Mumbai-Ahmedabad for intra-day travel. Faster speed will ensure reduced travel time by 10-15%. 

The train’s speed test would be conducted on the Moradabad-Bareilly and Kota-Sawai Madhopur stretch next month,” said officials.

This train is one of the mile stones of India’s pacing development and will be an inspiration to many upcoming projects as well. 

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